Where Do We Find These Assholes?!?

    There’s been several on-going dialogues going on since the ‘Sandy Hook’ tragedy; the vast majority being successive layers of ‘political theatre!!’  All this ‘political theatre‘ seems to be regionally motivated as well:

where was the outcry from Arizona officials after the Giffords shooting?!?

where was the outcry from Colorado officials after the ‘theatre’ shooting in Aurora?!?

where was the outcry from Texas officials after that evil muslim terrorist (masquerading as an Army officer), murdered several service members as well as civilians at Fort Hood?!?

    Stupidity as well as ‘political theatre‘ seems more prevalent here in the northeast United States than in the rest of the country.  A perfect example is New York’s Governor, “Andy-the-CzarCuomo!!

As soon as “Czar Andy” found out that The Bilderberg Group was ordering “Clown Princeobama to destroy as much of the Second Amendment as possible while the “Sandy Hook” iron is hot, his Czar-ness left no state politician UNTURNED!!  It was just like New York’s state budget negotiations…. “Three Men In A Backroom!!”  All laws…. all issues financial…. begin similarly in The Grand Duchy of New York.

    Czar Andyfor his national political future–had to be first out with his knee-jerk reaction so as to have bragging rights during his Bilderberg Group Candidate Interview required prior to his run at the U.S. presidency.  The Grand Duchy in Albany has some pretty slick communists who ghost-write legislation for them i.e., the legislation has far less to do with child-safety than it does circumvention of the aformentioned Second Amendment.  The communists have selected ‘S-E-V-E-N‘ as the magic number in their anti-gun bill.  The ‘S-E-V-E-N‘ refers to the number of rounds in a newly legal magazine for handguns, rifles…. ANY PROJECTILE DISPENSER!!  Said “magic number” essentially outlaws handguns in New York State!!  See, most most manufacturers provide 10-, 14-, 17-round magazines with the purchase of their weapons.  Given the size of the New York market compared to the United States as a whole, the demand for “S-E-V-E-N round magazines” wouldn’t be great enough to warrant the change in production lines for the manufacture….


No more LEGAL handguns in New York State.

Bob Lonsberry has an excellent article on Czar Andy accomplishing what King George III COULD NOT!!

You wait America….

the Asshole in Albany may be the next Ruling Asshole in the District of Corruption!!

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….