As Usual, State of the State ‘Barks up Wrong Tree

    As with his father; as with his fraternal brothers–the obamAlinskyitesYoung Andy is only giving half of his subjects half of the story during his reading of the “State of the State” blather!  Not only that, Cuomo-The-Youngeras is the norm–routinely only speaks to New York City concerns, problems, solutions; to hell with upstate, to hell with Western New York…. possibly excepting the Finger Lakes wine industry. 

    Let’s have a look at just some of the points Young Andy brought up:

Gun Control–As is most of the rest of the nation, Governor Cuomo (pron: kwoo.MOO) is providing us with his usual knee-jerk reactions and knee-jerk legislative proposals.

A.  The governor wants the toughest gun control laws in the country.

B.  The governor wants to eliminate multi-round magazines.

C.  The governor wants background checks on every individual involved in every sale/purchase, even when I sell my rifle to you.

D.  The governor wants enhanced punishments for various classes of miscreants.  This’ll sure deter those like Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook); like William Spengler (West Webster, N.Y., fires; murders), aye?!?

E.  The governor wants to end ‘lifetime’ pistol permits; revert to bi- or tri-annual subsequent checks.

    The governor fails to realize the true purposes of the Constitution’s Second Amendment:

1.  To “correct the thought processes” of a tyrannical federal government;

2.  To defend the individual ‘hearth and home;’

3.  To defend the homeland against foreign miscreants.

Using the governor’s logic–or lack thereof–one or two or three or four bullets will be legal, the next on will not!  Where will the state’s incursions stop?!?

Governor Cuomoif allowed–will follow in The Bilderberg Group‘s footprints through “Clown Princeobama.  Said clown has “plug” biden studying how to further limit the individual American’s liberties while members of his regime are buying 450,000,000 rounds of 40 cal, jacketed, hollow-point ammunition!! 

That’s enough ammo to shoot every resident of any age in the United States, Canada and Mexico, once!! 

But…. there’s a bit of “poop-in-the-puddin’” here:

the 40 caliber round is not standard military issue;

by international agreement, a jacketed bullet cannot be used in an organized, armed conflict;

by international agreement, hollow-point ammunition cannot not be used in an organized, armed conflict.

But–dear friends–we constitutionalists can use any caliber, any type ammunition to protect our rights; we’re–currently–not an organized military unit!!

I digress; let’s get back on topic:

State Minimum Wage–The governor is whining that New York State’s minimum wage is below 19 states with higher wage laws.  The governor is forgetting–or better yet, ignoring–the fact that increasing the wage employers are forced to pay will undoubtedly reduce the number of jobs currently available; will reduce the number of jobs created in the future.  Cuomo wants the forced hourly-wage raised from $7.25 to $8.75!!  The proven way to increase a standard of living is to allow market forces to establish the level of pay, NOT a particular level of government.  The subject employee can aspire to a higher level of pay with experience, education and performance.

Stop and Frisk–The governor is kinda pissed that statistics show most “open view” whacky-weed arrests are centered around the negro and the hispanic miscreants; 82% (versus 18% ‘other races’).  To make his statistics look better, he’d like to reduce the requirements for arrest for these various amounts of ‘weed.’

Education–In this category, Governor Cuomo does have some–rather, few–positive proposals.  The governor wants to lengthen the daily and annual amount of learning time:  full-day kindergartens and increasing the length of the school day; of the school year by 25%.  The problem is he wants to use state grants as the primary brigery reward.

    Additionally, he wants to throw more and more money at teachers and principals.  These funds–likely to fail as before–will reinforce–bribe–those individuals’ desires to enhance the success levels of the students under their care; their instruction.  These silly incentives will include a “bar examfor teachers as well as $60,000 bribes (4X$15,000) for “master teachers.”  The better path is to emulate Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and his actions to reduce the taxpayers’ liabilities, redirect the saved funds toward the aformentioned bribery rather than burdening New York’s property-tax payers ever further!!

The reader can check out the full transcript for other points the governor addressed.

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