The “Clown Prince” Strives For Confrontation

    “Clown Princeobama strives for confrontation over affability, compromise in his political dealings and I–quite frankly–am amazed that The Bilderberg Group allows so much of this to happen.  Sure there’ll be some during the negotiation phase, but at this level?!?

    The case-in-point is any number of compromises offered up by the BoehneRINOs during the most recently engineered political theatre referred to as the ‘fiscal cliff.’  Each one–no matter how much Speaker Boehner gave away–was rejected by “Clown Princeobama.  Any effort of compromise–past, present or future–has habitually been denied by non-conformity to the childish–“my-way-or-the-hiway“–policy obama has enjoyed his entire political career.

    It’s logical RINO Chuck Hagel will be or has been nominated for the Secretary of Defense is for the same reason obama refused any compromise in the aforementioned financial negotiations:


While this looks like the standard obama position, but will evolve into several sub-points The Bilderberg Group will enjoy rubbing the republicRATics’ noses in:

obama nominates someone not concerned with Israel’s security;

obama nominates someone who will be soft on Iran’s nuclear prospects;

obama nominates someone with compatible views on defense, someone aligned with those equally weak-minded on foreign affairs;

obama nominates a RINO that can be thrown back in the republicRATics’ faces when they refuse to confirm!

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