Do We Need A Continuance?

    Now that we’re in the re-immaculation season, lots of questions should be asked.  Questions mostly asked by the ‘undecideds’ and those non-welfareRAT-types committed to “Clown Princeobama.  Were I an ‘undecided,’ my primary question would be: Do we really want a continuation of a “Carter 2-point-0” presidency?!?  In the interest of full disclosure, my dad loved Jimmy Carter!!  I think most of that love was based on dad’s nearly quarter-million-dollars in bank CDs, invested at between 10.5 and 17.5%!!  Got any idea what the rates are today?  Somewhere in the 00.46-00.48% range!!  That’s less-than-a-half-a-percentage-point!!

    Jimmy Carter was a complete dupe as far as “president’en” goes.  “Clown Princeobama is going exactly by The Bilderberg Group‘s plan, that of national economic destruction which will lead to more dependency upon government hand-outs which will lead to a campaign to enter into a ‘one-world government’ agreement.   Most of which I will probably not live to see, but my kids and grandkids will ‘pull-against-the-bit!!’

    “Where’ta hell did he come up with that” you might say.  You only gotta look at the “Clown Prince‘s” style of governance.

“It’s George W. Bush‘s fault”

1)  Even though he’s a lawyer, even though he’s completely inept, even though he’s the most inexperienced boob to ever hold the office, he considers himself ‘the smartest guy in the room.’  Taking advice from even his most trusted communist–Valarie Jarrett–is very difficult for him.

2)  The “Clown Prince” is probably the most thin-skinned politician on the national scene.  He takes great exception to anyone who disagrees with him; he takes great exception to any negatives he reads, hears about from the blogosphere, the twitosphere.

3)  The Bilderbergers don’t mention taking responsibility for anything, so the “Clown Prince” always blames someone else–primary President Bush-43.

4)  I just don’t like the guy!!  He’s a blatant liar, willing to say and do anything that will keep his regime in power!!

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….