obama’n’Chu Destroying Your Vehicle!!

    How many times have you heard “That Prick” from barackingham Palace whine about how ‘the middleclass’ is being ‘boned’–or in Palace vernacular: screwed–by the economy, by the IRS, by the jobs market, by the various state and local fees and taxes, by those evil republicRATics both in and out of the Congress, by those evil-rich, pasty-white guys?!?

    I’m here ta’tell ya:  Every time “That Prick” in barackingham Palace turns around he’s “engineerin'” another screwin’ for the ‘middleclass.’  Currently, he’s screwin’ them:

a.  by mis-labelling his “cliff deal” as ‘protecting the middleclass;’

b.  by assuring the public that no one earning less than $250,000 will  pay more in taxes;

c.  by mis-labelling some rich Americans as not-paying-their-fair-share;

d.  by continuing to promote green fuels which actually aren’t.

As I see it:

a-1.  There’ve been no–I repeat, NO–taxcuts that didn’t involve republicRATics.  “Clown PrinceobamaThat Prick from barackingham Palace–has no intention of anyone having more money in his pocket that at any previous time!!

b-1.  Everyone who earns as little as 10 cents–one thin dime–will have their entire income subjected to a payroll tax which “That Prick” increased by 2%!!

c-1.  It is not the rich Americans who aren’t paying their fair-share!!  Hell, the top 1% of taxpayers pay 36.73% of all personal income taxes.  The top 10% of taxpayers pay 70.47% of all personal income taxes.  The top 25% of taxpayers pay 87.3% of all personal income taxes.  The top 50% of taxpayers pay 97.75% of all personal income taxes.  Those who actually don’t pay their fair-share are the obama “Taker-Class!”  They get up at noon; they sit on their dead-asses til it’s time to spend our money at the liquor store; they have every want, every need, every desire satisfied by those taxpayers vilified “Clown Princeobama, That Prick from barackingham Palace as well as his “Taker-Class.”

d-1.  “Clown Princeobama, That Prick from barackingham Palace continues to make ‘clean’ fuels a priority.  In doing so, he’s damaging the ‘middleclass’ he pretends to care so much about.  That damage comes from farmers switching crops to corn for ethanol, at the expense of various grains, causing groceries at the retail level to go up in price; that damage comes from That Prick‘s EPA pushing E-15 gasoline (gas inhanced with the addition of 15% ethanol).  There’s proof that E-15 fuel destroys modern fuel systems; several auto manufacturers are refusing to repair vehicles using E-15 fuel; there are auto manufacturers who are saying their new car warranties will be voided with E-15 use (even one tank full).  All this and even more I’ve not cited, hit the middleclass hardest, and if you think “That Prick” cares one whit, you’re nuts!!

Your comments?

Til Nex’Time….

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