We Shudd’a Gone Over The Cliff!

     What did that goof, John Boehner actually accomplish?!?  Not a helluva lot–in my view–when it comes to logical revenue versus spending ratios.  Not only does Boehner not understand the definition of negotiation….

It’s time for ‘Boner‘ to find other employment!

there’s no evidence Boehner has ANY understanding of the principle of N-E-G-O-T-I-A-T-I-O-N!!  All the federal communists (the Regime’s executory branch plus the communistic members in both houses of Congress) settled on $620 Billion in revenue (essentially tax) increases versus $15 Billion in spending cuts!!  When you finish laughing, you MIGHT realize his idea of a good ratio of cash-out, in relation to cash-in seems to be 41.333 to 1.000!!  Essentially, that means when Joe and Betty Sixpack write their $455 tax-check to the IRS, “Clown Princeobama can then demand that the House of Representatives (where all revenue {taxing}-and-spending bills must originate) authorize him to spend $18,806.515.  With the Sixpack children, Jimmy (a $86.50 tax check) and Nancy (a $63.35  tax check) and pretty soon the The Bilderberg GroupthroughClown Princeobama–can use $25,000 of your money to destroy the American-way-of-life youand I–have grown to love!!

    Can we afford to have John Boehner continue as The Speaker of The House?!?  At this rate, it’s gonna get really, really expensive!!  But…. to Mr “Boner‘s” credit, that lovely phrase the Congressional communists–in conjunction with The Regime‘s socio-fascists–use: “….over ten years….” didn’t appear in the final announcement of the financial screwing we took!  Had that phrase been apart of the deal, the ratio would have been $413.33 in increases for each $1.50 in spending cuts.  I’m thinkin’ The Bilderberg Group will realize its’ error and demand that the aforementioned phrase be included in the final agreement.

Your thoughts?

Til Nex’Time….