No Matter What They Do, You’re STILL SCREWED!

{Executive order will partially compensate federal employees, legislators and obama regime with pay raise!}

    Comparatively, “The Fiscal Cliff” means very little to the average TAXPAYER!  No matter what you do–and by ‘you,’ I mean the average taxpayer–be sure to buy some earplugs before you start with the evening’s festivities!! 

    Comparatively, the obama-tax increases generated by a possible John Boehner refusal to “roll-over-and-play-dead;” the refusal to blindly go along with the obamaKRATics’ demand for more money to piss away, will be nothing compared to the 22–count’em: TWENTY-TWOnew or increased taxes demanded by the guy YOU VOTED FOR, “Clown Princeobama!!!  This action will be more of a fiscal cliff than the political theatre the obamaKRATics named “The Fiscal Cliff!”  Here’s where those aforementioned earplugs come in:  These new and increased obamaKare taxes will ALSO be paid by those of the “Taker-Class” who continue the obamaRape of the American economy; the American way-of-life; the American Dream!!

    As just one example, consider the “medical devices” tax within the obamaKare legislation; you remember, that “War and Peace” sized tome that had to be passed so we could find out what’s in it!!  Well, we’re finding that that tax on medical devices is NOT on profits but ON SALES!!  So if the guy making your pacemaker isn’t profitable, he still gets taxed simply because he sold you one!!  How cleaver is that asshole (actually, I ment to say verdammte arschloch, sorry if I offended) in barackingham Palace as well as those collective assholes (insert same correction, here!) in the hollowed halls of the congress!!

Welcome to the impending(or continuing) obamaDepression!!

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Til Nex’Time….

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