Why Not Just Stay In Hawaii?!?

    “Clown Princeobama‘s decision to return to barackingham Palace with Valarie Jarrett but without Michelle Antoinette and the two princii (MY plural of both prince and princess).  This will  increase the taxpayer’s cost of the family’s monthly vacation from the usual $4,000,000++ to well over $6,000,000!!  The government will needlessly send several aircraft EMPTY, to Hickam AFB, Hi., to retrieve the remainder of the royal family and haul their more-than-ample asses back to the ‘Palace.’ 

Remember dear taxpayer:

with the numbers and types of aircraft the royal family demands, the total cost is over $180,000 per-flight-hour!! 

You know Michelle Antoinette demands the greatest luxury the taxpayer can provide!!

But why?!? 

Why is “Clown Princeobama returning to the District of Corruption for negotiations?!?

Given his negotiating style of “my way or the highway,” it doesn’t seem necessary that he be in the royal residence.  He’s already stated his demands; now it’s just up to Speaker John Boehner to ‘roll-over-and-play-dead‘ to his demands!!

Til Nex’Time….