Here We Go…. “plug” To The Rescue!
     “Clown Princeobama has tasked “plugbiden from the “Plug’n’Barry” show to ‘handle’ this gun ban; this gun control thingie.  The “Clown Prince” has asked for recommendations from a couple of his cabinet members and presumably Valarie Jarrettcommunist-in-chief–representing The Bilderberg Group.
    Rumor has it that the “Clown Prince” will have “plugbiden head up a ‘taskforce‘ to come up with solutions to the problem of miscreants and the mentally ill having access to guns.  If “Clown Princeobama holds true-to-form he’ll review the results of said taskforce, completely ignore them and let the alleged problem go over a cliff–possibly a new weapons-cliff–his solution for everything he can’t solely control!!
Til Nex’Time….