Presidential Debate Commission Long-Overdue For Revision!!

    With the debates between “Clown Prince” obama and Governor Mitt Romney; with the debates between joey biden and Paul Ryan fresh in your mind, can you agree that a major revision to the commission’s board, the choice of formats, the choice moderators?!?  I’ve checked with the debate commission’s website and what I found from the commission’s 1988 debut through last night’s debate,

  • EVERY debate moderator has been–if not an out-right commie-lib–at least ‘left-leaning.’
  • Jim Lehrer has moderated eleven presidential; one vice-presidential debate(s).
  • PBS has provided moderators for eleven presidential; four vice-presidential debates.
  • The ‘big-three’ broadcast networks have provided moderators for five presidential; two vice-presidential debates.
  • The remaining debates (3) moderators were provided by that obama-water carrier, CNN.

    What a dismal record the commission claims is unbiased!! Unbiased:

  • free from bias;
  • especially, free from all prejudice and favoritism
  • eminently fair
  • having an expected value equal to a population parameter being estimated

Such liberal personalities as the aforemention Lehrer (PBS), Bernard Shaw (CNN), Carole Simpson (ABC), Charles Gibson (ABC), Bob Schieffer (CBS), Candi Crowley (CNN), Judy WoodRuff (PBS), Hal Bruno (ABC), Gwen Ifill (PBS) and Martha Raddatz (ABC), have moderated at least one of the presidential debates since 1988.  Regarding “Clown Prince” obama, the moderators are continually mindful of not offending the first black president; the–self-proclaimed–“smartest guy in the room” which does not make for a fair and unbiased debate.  Particularly when moderators like Lehrer and Crowley lead the “Clown Prince” into an answer befitting a committed socio-fascist that will also be palatable to the political and racial ‘left.’

    We–the concerned, the conservative American voting public–have been forced to endure on-going liberalism, socio-fascism in both presidential and vice-presidential debates for the past, almost quarter-century.  Prior to the launch of the Fox News Channel (1996) and the Fox Business Channel (2007) there was no viable alternative to the quasi-communism of ‘the left!’  With these alternatives–and within allegedly unbiased proclamation of said debate commission–we can now be afforded a far more unbiased, conservative moderator in the name of:

  • Brett Baier (Special Report with Brett Baier-Fox News); or
  • Sean Hannity (Hannity-Fox News); or
  • Greta Van Susteren (On The Record with Greta Van Susteren-Fox News); or
  • Megyn Kelly (America Live with Megyn Kelly-Fox News); or
  • Neil Cavuto (Cavuto; co-host of The Cost of Freedom-Fox News); or
  • Dana Perino (co-host of The Five-Fox News); or
  • Eric Bolling (co-host of The Five-Fox News),

as well as a multitude of others I’ve probably slighted by not mentioning them.  There’s others outside what I consider the mainstream of broadcast television, like Rush Limbaugh, Governor Mike Huckabee, Dennis Milller, among others.

    With the aforemention personalities–and given there are normally 3 presidential and 1 vice-presidential debate(s)–and the current roster of liberal moderators, if the total number of debates in each forthcoming presidential election cycle remains at the current four, the debates could be covered–alternating ‘left and right’–through the 2032 cycle!!     Now is the time to contact those who claim to represent you to resolve this miscarriage of fairness and equality, two words near-and-dear to the socio-fascists!!

Til Nex’Time….