The Books That Interest Me; Should Interest You

    I’ve finally finished the Bill O’Reilly (and Martin Dugard) book:

Killing Lincoln;

The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever‘ 

It took a while to get through the book, not because it was a tough read, I had lot’sa other things ‘on the front burner’ and couldn’t devote the time I wanted to the book.  This book should be a MUST READ for all the folks, young and old; big and little; pretty and plain!!  ‘Killing Lincoln‘ is the most definitive book I’ve ever read on the subject of President Lincoln‘s murder.  Any student of any discipline at any academic level, would be well served with this read!!

    I’ve now turned my limited reading time to the latest Dinesh D’Souza offering: Obama’s America

Unmaking The American Dream

Other than reading both inside flaps and the back of the dustcover, I’ve not read the first page of this book.  I so look forward to this read; truth in the modern era of obama is so lacking that I question EVERYTHING I see in print!!  I intend to question this tome as well.  Let me quote the two flaps then the back cover.  First the flaps:

Can America Survive Four More Years of barack obama?

    “No, because America as we know it–wealthy, powerful, assertive–is ot what obama wants.  He wants a smaller America, a poorer America, an America unable to exert its will, an America happy to be one power among many, an America in decline so that other nations might rise–all in the name of global fairness.  To obama, the hated “one percent” isn’t just wealthy Americans; it is America itself. in obama’s view, America needs to be taken down a notch.     That is the startling conclusion of bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza.  Building on his previous New York Times bestseller on barack obama, The Roots of Obama’s Rage–which Newt Gingrich called, ‘Stunning…. the most profound insight I have read in the last six years’–D’Souza shows how obama’s goals to downsize America is in plain sight but ignored by everyone.

    D’Souza lays out what obama plans to do in a second administration–a makeover of America so drastic that the ‘shining city on a hill’ will become a shantytown in a rather dangerous global village.     In Obama’s America you ‘ll learn:

  • How obama plans to use debt as a weapon of economic mass destruction to downsize the United States
  • How a second obama term could be fatal to Israel–and to American interests in the Middle East
  • A superpower disarmed: why drastic defense cuts are only the beginning
  • How obama plans to make us more dependent on foreign energy suppliers
  • What the world will be like when America is a debt -ridden second tier economy and other countries like China, India, and ever Brazil, are wealthier and dominant

    Arresting in its presentation and sobering it its conclusions, Obama’s America is essential reading for those who want to change America’s course before it’s too late.”

….and now, the book’s dust cover, back cover:

from Obama’s America

“Obama is not merely the presiding instrument of American decline, he is the architect of American decline.  He wants America to be downsized.  He wants Americans to consume less, and he would like to see our standard of living decline relative to that of other nations.  He seeks a diminished footprint for America in the world.  He detests America’s traditional allies, like Britian and Israel, and seeks to weaken them; he is not very worried about radical Muslims acquiring a nuclear bomb or coming to power in countries like Tunisia and Egypt.  He is quite willing to saddle future generations of Americans with crippling debt; he as spent trillions of dollars toward this end, and if he had been permitted, he would have spent trillions more.  He has shown no inclination, and has no desire, to protect America’s position as number one in the world; he would be content to see Aerica as number 18, or number 67, just another country seated at the great dining table of nations.  The strength of my thesis is that it is completely congruent with who obama is and what he does.   We don’t have to assume that he is always getting results opposite to what he intends; we simply have to see that he intends the results he is getting.  He emphasized in his inauguration speech his goal of ‘remaking America’–and he is doing it, recognizing that in order to remake America he must first unmake America.  The only question is whether Americans approve of their country being diminished and downsized, and whether they want to give obama another fours to finish the job.”

    Whew!!  Pretty powerful stuff!!  I–for one–can’t wait to dive in!!

Til Nex’Time….