I Knew It; I Just Knew It!!

    Remember back in early May last year, when the public first found out about the bin Laden killing?  Remember that “Clown Princeobama immediately took a ‘victory lap’ in a late-night address to the American public?!?  In that message, obama reminded us that his Number One Priority–since being immaculated–was taking-out bin Laden.  Yet on May Fourth–during a ‘60 Minutes‘ interview–the “Clown Prince” said: “We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies.  We don’t need to spike the football.” Whad’da load’a bullshit!!  That’s all this inept, moronicclown” has done since he got THE word!!  Count the number of times the phrase “Osama’s dead; GM’s alive” was  repeated during the National obamacRATic Show in Charlotte, and on the re-immaculation trail, since!!  Even that “GM’s Alive” part is complete bullshit!!  That was initiated by President George W. Bush; the “Clown Prince” was just there to AGAIN claim the credit for someone else’s accomplishment!! But, I digress!!   I knew; I just had the feeling that after seeing the photos below, that “Clown Princeobama had to be dragged–kickin’n’screamin‘–off the golf course to attend the “Live from Pakistan” killing of bin Laden!!

obama in the ‘War Room’ #1
obama in the ‘War Room’ #2

Check the seating arrangements in photo #1:  [obamaseated in the corner–is an afterthought; clearly ONLY a photo-op!!]  If you are the Agitator-in-Chief; if you are the self-proclaimed “smartest guy in the room;” if you are T-H-EClown Princeobama, wouldn’t you demand that everyone in the room first bow and soon thereafter, give you the most prominent seat in the room–at least that of the Air Force officer, if not that of Secretary Hillary Rob’em Clinton?

Check the “Clownly” attire in photo #2:  Remember, this is May Second; the D.C. weather for that day was an average temp of 63.9; high temp of 76.6; average intermittent winds of 6.1 mph.  The “Clown Prince” is dressed in a golf shirt.  I realize he’s the least presidential of all presidents, but…. wearing a golf shirt to a private–but, none-the-less official–function?!?  Given the aforementioned weather history, isn’t that–hastily thrown on–jacket a bit heavy for the times; a bit heavy for the weather?!?

    So, now we find out from ‘World Net Daily‘ that not only was “Clown Princeobama not responsible for the decision to ‘take-out’ bin Laden; he wasn’t even ‘home’ when said decision was made! Not only was the depraved, corruptClown” intentionally kept ‘out of the loop;’ said ‘loop-removal‘ was because–his senior communist advisor; controllerValarie Jarrett vetoed two-or-three previous opportunities to complete ‘the deed!’  It’s nice to know that my conclusion was the correct one!!

Til Nex’Time….

[Postscript: Will the release of the movie being made of the regime-altereddetails” be the basis for a ‘Benghazi-esque’ attack on various aspects of the “Clown Princeobama empire; like the unfortunate brother and current slum dweller-George Obama, like the unfortunate obama relatives: various aunts and uncles living here illegally; attacks on anything US–anything obama–worldwide, et al?!? ….and who–or what— will “Clown Princeobama blame the violence on this time?!?]

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