UN Takes Page From obama’s Fascist Manual
    To be fair with “Clown Princeobama, the United Nations very-well may have had it’s concepts far longer than the current ‘Offal‘ Office amateur.  In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly–in it’s infinite, re-distributive wisdon–decided that the prosperous nations–foremostly, the United States–should suffer a global tax in order to prop-up struggling third-world rathole dictatorships.  Both the U.N. delegates of 2000 and the socio-fascist U.S. politicians of today fail to remember that prior to–and several years after–the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War, the American Colonies themselves, were a third-world rathole struggling under the oppression of King George III of Great Britain!!  Who the hell propped us up?!?
    I found this from the 55th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, dated September 18, 2000:
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly
55/2 United Nations Millennium Declaration
Paragraph III (Development [U.S.$] and poverty eradication [U.S.$]), Item 15:
[a]  To implement the enhanced programme of debt relief [U.S.$]  for the heavily indebted poor countries without further delay and to agree to cancel all official bilateral debts [U.S.$] of those countries in return for their making demonstrable commitments to poverty reduction [U.S.$]; and
[b]  To grant more generous development assistance [U.S.$], especially to countries that are genuinely making an effort to apply their resources [U.S.$] to poverty reduction.
Paragraph VII (Meeting the special needs of Africa [U.S.$])
28.  We resolve therefore:
[a]  To give full support to the political and institutional structures of emerging democracies in Africa
To encourage and sustain [U.S.$] regional and subregional mechanisms for preventing conflict and promoting political stability, and to ensure a reliable flow of resources [U.S.$] for peacekeeping operations on the continent.
To take special measures [U.S.$] to address the challenges of poverty eradication [U.S.$] and sustainable development [U.S.$] in Africa, including debt cancellation, improved market access, enhanced Official Development Assistance of Foreign Direct Investment [U.S.$] as well as transfers of technology [U.S.$] .
    In February, 2008, then U.S. Senator obama introduced a cutesy-sounding bill “Global Poverty Act (S.2433),” again affirming that the “Clown Prince“–even before he became THEClown Prince“–was all in for the United Nations to have the authority to tax the American citizen for it’s worldwide wealth re-distribution, leading to a worldwide U.N. currency, leading to worldwide U.N. governance!  The obama bill–hurriedly passed in the House by voice vote-before the vast majority of members read it–called for an commitment of the astronomical amount of .7% of GNP ($845 Billion OVER THEN-CURRENT SPENDING) for foreign aid!!  Then-U.S. Senator joey bidenChairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee–tried to rush said obama worldwide-redistribution-of-American-wealth bill through his committee; it–thankfully–died at the end of the Congressional session.
    Now we know:  “The barry’n’joey Show” is made up of ‘birds-of-a-feather!!’  When “Clown Princeobama and lil’ joey biden are tossed out on their collective asses, look for them to–soon thereafter–resurface at 760 United Nations Plaza, New York City; hats-in-hands; lookin’ for work!!  obamain his own mind–“the smartest guy in the room” will be campaigning for the top job; joeyjust being lil’ joey” will tag along for the ride.  Look for them to continue their quest for worldwide re-distribution of American wealth!!
Til Nex’Time….