I Didn’t Forget, I Didn’t Realize The Association!

    In the previous post I concentrated on the Franklin automobiles manufactured in Syracuse, N.Y., from the turn of the century until the mid ’30s. I failed to mention that other manufacturers used the Franklin’s air-cooled engines in various vehicles, both cars and trucks.  Here’s a WHITE ‘Horse’ which uses the Franklin engine.  Now, the auto company stopped manufacture in 1934 and the referenced WHITE is a 1940 model, so I’m not sure how that came about.  Maybe White was manufacturing the engine under license from Franklin, dunno!!

1940 WHITE Horse City Delivery Van

The WHITE Motor Company had a long and storied life as an American vehicle manufacturer.  Try as I might, I can’t find any association between White Motor and Franklin.  As noted below–on the museum’s display plaque–this WHITE ‘Horse’ was equipped with a Franklin engine.

Maybe someone, somewhere knows….

Til Nex’Time….