The ON-GOING obama Scandals

    The growing number of ‘obama scandals‘ is becoming incomprehensible! Reprehensible “Clown Princeobamaactions and obfuscations, such as:

  1. Clown Princeobama‘s complicity in the murder of Ambassador-To-Libya, Chris Stevens and three others;
  2. Clown Princeobama‘s on-going–since the 2008 Campaign of Fluff–illegal foreign donations to the re-immaculation campaign;
  3. Clown Princeobama‘s re-surfaced military voter absentee ballot scandal;
  4. Free birth control embedded in obamaKare and it’s singling out of the Catholic Church;
  5. Clown Princeobama‘s escalation of the Middle East crisis by obfuscation;
  6. Clown Princeobama‘s forced continued dependance on foreign oil with his refusal to approve the international portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline project;
  7. Clown Princeobama‘s almost continual payoffs to the various union hierarchical thuggery with his many ‘titillating’stimulatingPORKulus packages;
  8. Clown Princeobama‘s “Buffett Rule” scam for enhanced wealth re-distribution;
  9. Clown Princeobama‘s overt and covert support for–and of–Wisconsin’s union thuggery;
  10. Clown Princeobama‘s–complicit with ‘GeneralholderFast and Furious plan to supply the Mexican Mafia with automatic weapons to thwart the Second Amendment in the future;

….and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on!!!      While each and every “Clown Princeobama scandal is reprehensible, the one foremost in my mind is the delaying of absentee ballots to military members and their dependents!  I have several relatives now serving–and have valiantly served–in various branches, in various countries world-wide.  In an effort to both secure his second immaculation and to punish the military for its’ collective failure to support him in the ballot box, “Clown Princeobama‘s minions are delaying said ballots (in direct violation of H.R.2647; Pub.L. 111-84; 23 Stat. 2190!).   In several important states, the absentee ballot mailings are down by as much as 90% from 2008 levels:

  • In Virginia, mailings are down 92% from 2008 levels;
  • In Ohio, mailings are down from the 32,000 in 2008 to this season’s 9,700, a nearly 70% drop.

The Military Times newspaper recently conducted a survey inwhich Governor Romney whooped “Clown Princeobama‘s fuzzy, brown ass: 66% to 26%!!

[Blogger NoteThe Military Times survey methodology– This population is older and more senior than the military population at large, but it is representative of the professional core of the all-volunteer force. The 3,100 respondents–roughly two-thirds active-duty and one-third reserve component members–are about 80% white and 91% male.  40% are in paygrades E-5 through E-8, while more than 35% are in paygrades O-3 through O-5. Almost 80% of respondents have a college degree–including 27% with a graduate degree and more than 11% with a post-graduate degree–while an additional 18.5% have some college.]

[Another Blogger Note: an ‘E’ paygrade indicates the individual is enlisted; an ‘O’ paygrade indicates the individual is an officer.  Actually those education statistics are amazing!  In my early days (1964-68; 1971-79; 1985-89) we were fortunate if all the officer corps had bachelors’ degrees!]     These attrocious scandals–at the highest levels of the federal government–are unforgivable and should be dealt with in federal court; dealt with in impeachment proceedings!!

Your thoughts?!?

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