Who’s obama’s Campaign Manager, REALLY?!?

I contend it’s not the Jewish-Nazi, George Soros;

I contend it’s not Jim Messina (NOT affiliated with Kenny Loggins!);

I contend it’s not the official campaign prevaricator, Stephanie Cutter;

my guess is…. wait-for-it…. Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez!!!

    Look, said socio-fascist Chavez just culminated his campaign with a second re-election as Venezuela’s quasi-dictator.  He defeated Mr Henrique Capriles by some 900,000 votes. There are many mirror-images between the campaigns–and personalities–of socio-fascist Chavez and socio-fascist “Clown Princeobama:

  • Both are narcissistic-morons;
  • Both are ‘the smartest guy in the room;’
  • Both advocate wealth re-distribution;
  • Both advocate the largest federal government possible;
  • Both advocate nationalization of possibly profitable industries;
  • Both buy votes of each nation’s welfareRATs;
  • Both have supporters who advocate violence if their guy loses;
  • Both have supporters who perform polling-place intimidation.

    Although the “Clown Prince‘s” most ardent supporters–like Cleveland’sobamaFo lady–neither understand nor care, there ARE unintended consequences with an obamare-immaculation:

  • We can look forward to the executive branch continuing to ‘govern’ outside the Congress, outside the Constitution with executive orders [over 900, to date] (searchable, comprehensive list).
  • We can look forward to food-stamp participation doubling, AGAIN!
  • We can look forward to ever-increasing obama-phones provided by the ‘universal service fund’ charges on ALL cell- and landline-phones.
  • We can look forward to continued anemic–if ANY–GDP growth.
  • We can look forward to ever-increasing U-3 and U-6 unemployment numbers.
  • We can look forward to more unsustainable green energy ‘investments.’
  • We can look forward to more nationalization of private industry (GM, anyone?)
  • We can look forward to the inept; the completely worthless, eric holder nominated to the Supreme Court.
  • We can look forward to the controlling; the communist, Valarie Jarrett being nominated to some post she can not be removed from after the “Clown Prince” is term-limited out of office.

   The sane among us; the conservatives among us–using The Buckley Rule–have less than a month until we can vote this verdammte arschloch and other socio-fascists out of office!! Need I say more?!?

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?! Til Nex’Time….