All Is Lost!!!
    Well folks….
We now HAVE NO PHOTOS taken at the Northeast Classic Car Museum!!
We have the most crappiest, most inefficient laptop ever devised: the TOSHIBA ‘Satellite’ DO NOT BUY ONE!!!!
I (thought I) downloaded all the aforementioned photos from the camera’s card via a port in the CRAPPY TOSHIBA laptop.
Windows 7 did all the gyrations necessary to copy said photos to a FRESH rewritable CD.
The photos are nowhere to be found!!
This is a perfect example of “change just for change’s sake!!”
It appears to me that Microsoft–in it’s less than stellar wisdom–made said changes only to create a new different product to bring to market, singularly in the name of profits.
Windows 7 SUCKS!
Toshiba laptops SUCK!
Til Nex’Time….