Romney Won Debate #1, Get Over It!!
    ‘BungalowBill‘ is a prolific blogger from the Springfield, Mo., area.  ‘Bill‘ clearly dislikes Governor Mitt Romney as the republicRATic candidate to replace “Clown Princeobama and repair his colossal screw-ups!!  In a recent post, ‘Bill‘ whines that Governor Romney is creating yet another profit center for his big pharma donors.  I think not!  The governor is merely axing obamaKare and returning that controverisal $716 Billion stolen from the pockets of Medicare.  ONE gain in the demise of obamaKare is removal and/or reduction of the 22 new or increased taxes, fees and penalties.  I’d call that a net-gain for the taxpayer.
    In an earlier post, ‘Bungalow‘ derided Governor Romney for his stance on the President Ronald Ronaldus-Magnus Reagan principles of governance.  18 years ago, Governor Romney stated said principles were not his own.  In Denver, the Governor stated that he’d adopted the aforementioned principles.  One might surmise by the two referenced posts that ‘Bungalow Bill‘ prefers the “Clown Prince” over someone clearly not of a socio-fascist bent.
    Early-on in the 2012 republicRATic primary process, Governor Romney was not my choice, either.  But in this election season, I adhere to The Buckley Rule:
Support the most conservative candidate who is electable.”
Til Nex’Time….