More Evidence Of Skewing; Non-Reporting

    Not only do the national pamphleteer corpse routinely skew polls toward a “Clown Prince” advantage, they also fail to report the negatives associated with the obama 2012 “Campaign of Fabrication.”  The latest in said fabrications is the mis-characterization of the Governor Romney ‘47%’  comments.  Last Saturday, while admitting his regime spent the last four years destroying everything built before him, the “Clown Prince” said:

“We’ve always said in this campaign, change takes more than one term, one president, it takes more than one party.”

“I don’t see a lot of victims here today.  I seen hard-working Wisconsinites.”   

Then Wednesday–at an Ohio venue–the “Clown Prince” verbalized the Stephanie Cutter authored mischaracterization of the Governor Romney ‘47%’ comments, thus:

“I don’t believe we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a buch of victims, who never take responsibility for their own lives.”

“I’ve got to tell you, as I travel around Ohio and as I look out on this crowd, I don’t see any victims.  I see hard-working Ohioans.”

    While Governor Romney DID refer to those ’47-percenters’ as “victims,” the more salient point is:

his campaign would not try to appeal to “47-percent of the people” who will vote for [the “Clown Prince”] “no matter what.”

    In his campaign speeches of the past week, the “Clown Prince” is admitting there’s no longer an American need for his brand of socio-fascism, which is entirely dependent upon a large number of the population seeing themselves as ‘victims!’  With “Clown Princeobama ‘not seeing any victims’ in either Wisconsin or Ohio, he not only can not promote his tenure as ruler, he no longer has ANY ‘victims’ for which to advocate.

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!

Til Nex’Time….