The Most Important Vote Since The Revolution!

    We–the American voter–have but six more weeks until–November Sixth–the most important election since the end of the American Revolution.  Do we want the continuation of what essentially is a dictatorial-monarchy or do we want ‘a change of direction’ for the country’s economy, jobs market, domestic energy policy, the ‘apology-based’ foreign policy,et al?!?  It seems that obama believes–in his own mind–that he’s been elected the country’s monarch rather than merely assuming the post of “Clown Prince!” After refusing the appointment as America’s KING, George Washington remains the first, last and only, president ever to assume office with a unanimous vote.

    I may be the only one thinking or saying this, but the country has to change both it’s direction and it’s collective thinking–as Yogi Berra said–“when you come to a fork in the road, take it!”   The 2012 presidential election has become our ‘fork-in-the-road.”  But rather than see this ‘fork’ as Yogi humor, it must be taken in the most serious vein possible. The two campaigns are on divergent paths, the public must decide whom to support; to decide which ‘fork’ to follow.

    Did you watch what CBS puts forward as effective interviews on 60 Minutes?!?  I thought that the Governor Romney segment–as interviewed by Scott Pelley–had pertinent, well thought out, questions as well as lattitude for the Governor’s answers.  Mr Pelley–as well he should–asked for further clarification on some answers.  As usual, “Clown Princeobama was essentially ‘propped-up’ with Steve Kroft‘s “softball questions.”  As is the norm for regime members’ interviews, there were very few clarifying follow-up questions for obama.  CBS left no doubt that–as water-carriers for the regime–their support is and always will be, for The Bilderberg Group, the “Clown Prince” and the continued nazification of America!!

    Am I biased?!? You bet’cher-ass, I am!!  My bias is driven by my love-of-country and the desire for my–and your–Constitutionally protected rights and liberties to continue!

Til Nex’Time….

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