Some HUGE Mistakes On My Part!

    Yesterday I bought a new laptop: a Toshiba.  This may or may not prove to have been a mistake.

A confirmed mistake: buying any computer with Windows 7 pre-installed!!

    Previously, I’ve always had Windows XP since it’s initial availability.  I even opted to revert from Windows VISTA to Windows SP; an option that was available on a new computer I purchased years ago.  That option is not available for Windows 7.  In fact XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.

    Due to–my perception–the ‘suckiness’ of Windows 7, I can no longer publish on the WordPress site, it just won’t allow me to copy-and-paste from ‘Blogger‘–where all my posts are originally composed and initially published–to ‘WordPress.’  As it is at this moment, I can compose and publish on the Toshiba to Blogspot, but to publish to WordPress I have to fire up this ol’ “hand-cranked” desktop computer… and quite frankly, the squirrels are gettin’ tired!!

Sadly–unless or until I alleviate Windows 7s suckiness–this will be the last post on WordPress!  I invite all my WordPress friends and followers to join–and followme at

With my apologies,

Justin Case