Rochester, N.Y., Opts For…. “Equality?”
    It doesn’t matter how much you earn or the source of your ‘earnings.’  You can be a fifth-generation welfareRAT–and we got plenty of those–or you have have a million-dollar annual income like the “Clown Prince” and “Clown Princessobamawe don’got plenty of those–your kids will still qualify for free breakfasts and lunches in the Rochester City School District.
    Can you believe this load-a-shit?!?  Apparently, the city hierarchy has developed the welfareRAT mentality:  There IS such a thing as a ‘free’ lunch; it’s all obammoney!!  And yet at the first hiccup in the city budget, said hierarchy will come hat-in-hand to the property-taxpayer!!
Folks, Ya just can’t make this crap up!!!
Til Nex’Time….