The oNC Convention Not Expected To Be Well Attended

    Those in the know are thinking that “Clown Prince” obama needs to move from the “New Black PantherStadium for his acceptance speech.  With the stadium’s capacity in the neighborhood of 74,000 and with the “Clown Prince” unable to come close to filling a 20,000 venue for his various blusterful ‘unremarkable remarks,’ the handlers will cite pending bad weather as the ‘excuse da jour’ for a venue change.  Just where they’ll go isn’t yet known.

    The oNC handlers are having difficulties in bussing possible convention attendees from the various surrounding states and the busses ain’t the problem!  More than likely the requirement to have a photo-ID to gain access to both the Time Warner Cable Arena as well as the “New Black PantherStadium will hamper the obamacRATic attendance.  These too, will contribute to the venue change from the “New Black PantherStadium.  Actually, there’s no need to change venues for the big “Clown Princeobama blather opportunity:  Just fill the “New Black PantherStadium with the unemployed!!  Easily attainable with the promise of six-months more unemployment benefits.

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….