NO Speakers ‘Of Color’ Broadcast, Save One!

    Is there a reason?!?  Hell, yea!  The political racism in the obamacRATic national pamphleteer ‘corpse’ with The Bilderberg Group then through George Soros,  then through “Clown Princeobama, then through NBC, then through MSNBC.  The party that portends support for ‘all things, black‘ is the very party that has ceremoniously, vigoriously and economically had their ‘jack-boots’ on the collective throats of the black man, woman and child since they achieved freedom during the American Civil War!

S.C. Governor Nikki Haley
Secretary, Professor, Doctor Condoleezza Rice

    Until the broadcast of Condoleezza Rice‘s speech, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was the only speaker ‘of color’ to make it through the socio-fascist barracades onto the airwaves.  Most probably to the chagrin of both the Bilderbergers and George Soros, the two networks have illustrated the error of their ways with the broadcast of Secretary Rice‘s speech.

obamacRAT-turned-republicRAT” Artur Davis

    Both networks–giving in to either fear or threat–missed out on two excellent speeches in the remarks of Mayor Mia Love and the remarks of ‘obamacRAT-turned-republicRAT’ Artur Davis.  Both spoke to their origins, the promise and the future of a non socio-fascist America.

Mayor Mia Love

   Soon–with the Romney Campaign able to dig into their post-convention warchest–the next ‘Battle of The Airwaves‘ will begin.  The conservative voter will have a daunting task in blocking out the lies and bullshit propagated by the obamacRATic ‘Chicago-stylethug politics.  Said ‘lies and bullshit‘ are the “Clown Prince‘s” last and only remaining hope for success in the upcoming general election!!

Til Nex’Time….