Why This?!?  Why Now?!?

    The ‘big stink‘ going into the republicRATic convention:  Control of Conservative delegates. In addressing this, some idiot somewhere, decided that a rules change is required to ‘control’ those evil conservatives, i.e., the “Tea PartyMovement, forgetting that said conservatives gave the GOP it’s majority in the House of Representatives.

    The rules change controversy involves the presumptive nominee’s ability to control each states’ nominating delegates to–and at–the convention.  Initially, one must attempt to understand the complicated formula used to determine each state’s total number of nominating delegates. An example of the formula used to determine Texas’ delegate contingent can be found here

    The contention is that the Rules Committee wants to change the RNC rules (Rule 15, [being renumbered to Rule 16]) to give future presidential candidates the ability to veto who can be state delegates to the national convention.  This is a blatant attempt by inside-the-Beltway political hacks to negate the mounting power of said “Tea PartyMovement by having a stranglehold on the entire political process.  Many opponents to said rules changes are not just “Tea PartyMovement members, but come from all across the ‘republicRATic’ political spectrum, including long-time conservatives, party ‘regulars’ as well as lots of Romney supporters.  This blatant attack by the ‘Karl Roves’ and the ‘John Sununus’ to gain control of the process is at the expense of the voices–and support–of conservative American voters!!

    Thus far, it seems this obama-style tactic won’t fly with the saner minds on the RNC Rules Committee.  One can only hope!  How can anyone think ANY SANE AMERICAN would stand for socio-fascist control from the right?!?  Especially since we’ve already had three-plus years from the ‘control-master,’ HIMSELF?!?

Til Nex’Time….