Are You Crazy?!?
    You certainly are if you’re even considering voting for Dorothy “Geeze-Louise” McIntosh Rodham Slaughter!!  All that’s necessary to confirm I’m right is to check her voting record
If a bill would preserve and promote the Constitution, Mrs Slaughter primarily voted against it.
If a bill would specifically add to the ubiquitous controls on firearms of any type, Mrs Slaughter primarily voted against it.
The same position applies to jobs creation, federal tax code fairness, domestic petroleum and minerals discovery and production, infant death by abortion and a multitude of other topics.  Well, you’ll see when you check the aforementioned voting record.
    On the other hand, anything–no matter how destructive to the American way-of-life–proposed by “Clown Princeobama automatically gets the Slaughter vote!  Remember, she’s the complete nincompoop who attempted to ‘deem‘ the obamaKare legislation voted upon by the House just on her word, even though no vote was taken!  This ‘deem and pass‘ approach was laughed out of the congress!  Can a socio-fascist obamacRATic get any more communistic?!?
    Alternatively, we of New York’s 25th Congressional District, have (Margaret) Maggie Brooks, the current Monroe County (Rochester area) Executive.  Those of us living in Monroe County, N.Y., know of Maggie‘s foibles, mostly that some of her underlings are of less-than-stellar character.  Some underlings have been involved in kick-back schemes and some are currently residing–rent-free–with the State of New York.
    What we don’t know about “Geeze-Louise” far overshadows what we DO KNOW about Ms Brooks!!  Few will disagree that we can do no worse than voting for Ms McIntosh Rodham Slaughter; we can do far better in voting for Maggie.
Til Nex’Time….