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    Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows I like to research my information, particularly when the subject is the failed rule of “Clown Princeobama.  To that end, I happened to be ‘wandering around’ the ‘net looking for federal deficit and spending statistics.
    I did find statistics going back to 1790!!  Not exactly what I was looking for, but interesting, never-the-less.  For instance, did you know the weekly budget (food, shelter, clothing and ‘other’) for a family of three (in Philadelphia) in 1833 was $3.19-1/2!!  Yup!! That’s not hundreds-of-dollars, but three-DOLLARS and change!!  Another somewhat disheartening fact:  the first year for federal spending totaling more than one-billion-dollars: 1865-the last year of the U.S. Civil War; the first year of federal ‘reconstruction.’ ($1,297,555,224.41).
    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad: early monetary statistics calculated funds right down to the PENNY.  Today, the entire federal budget of 1865 would be considered merely ‘a rounding error!!’
Some of the URLs I found on this topic:
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