The “Truckin’ Bozo” Not Well
    Word came during the Lonsberry Show on WHAM (1180-AM) aroun noon, yesterday.  A listener from Florida related that Dale Sommers, better known in the trucking industry as “The Truckin’ Bozo,” is in failing health and currently in hospice care.  “The Boz’,” having concluded his last broadcast, will be sorely missed by those in the trucking industry; from the company driver to the owner-operator and everyone in between.

The Boz’” in his at-home broadcast studio

    This is the guy who–almost singlehandedly–kept America’s drivers ‘between-the-ditches’ with his overnight radio broacasts, catered exclusively to the trucker and trucking industry issues.  In 2004, due to failing health, Mr Sommers ‘retired’ from his overnight show and–after a move to Florida–resurfaced on the XM-Radio system.
    I know Dale personally and I’ve never met a nicer individual nor a more accessable popular personality.  Through my association, I met such “Bozo-Insiders” as ‘Brooklyn (Paul Sasso)’ and other regular callers-in to the program.  This brings to mind a situation involving ‘Brooklyn’ a lost caller!
There was this guy–a non-trucker–who lived on Long Island, NY, and regularly called into the show.  After a time, this caller–for the life of me, I can’t remember his name–hadn’t ‘reported in.’  Between Dale and ‘Brooklyn (I think Paul’s sister was a nurse in the NYC area)’ the ‘Long Island guy’ was found, admitted for his on-going kidney problems, in one of the local hospitals.
    Another anecdote involving ‘Long Island Guy (and a little bit of “blowing my own horn”):’  For one reason or another, he was having trouble getting “The Truckin’ Bozo” show.  I decided that I could help him with the anonymous donation of an XM-Radio system.  After speaking privately with Dale and while at Crete Carrier Corp‘s Kansas City (Mo) Terminal, I bob-tailed to a retailer, bought the system that would work and had it shipped to Dale’s home in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Dale made sure that the system got to ‘Long Island Guy.’  As a sidebar:  Another regular–truck driver; I can’t remember his handle either–listener to the show donated some compatable wireless speakers to ‘Long Island Guy.’
    As ‘Yoda‘ mentioned in one of his posts on the subject that if you believe in prayer, here would be ‘the best use’ of some for “The Boz'” and “Lumpy!!”  I for one, wouldn’t be surprised at yet another Bozo Resurrection!!
God Speed, Dale!!
Til Nex’Time….