“None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See.”
    This proverbial English saying directly personifies “Clown Princeobama., to a ‘T!’  The “Clown Prince” can not see any other opinion, any other decision-making process than his own; he wrongly believes he’s “the smartest guy in the room;” thus will brook no counsel not a mirror of his own faulty reasoning.  Can anyone ever forget his infamous “Worldwide Apology Tour, 2009 Edition?”  The “Clown Prince” bowed-and-scraped to every third-world,  MUSLIM rathole potentate, apologizing for America’s power, prominence, indeed American exceptionalism and greatness!  “Clown Princeobama‘s necessity to curry favor with the world’s MUSLIM potentates is clearly illustrated by the obama order that the regime’s Justice Department remove all references to ‘Islam‘ and ‘Islamic terror‘ from federal law enforcement training manuals.
    Case-in-point illustrating the “Clown Prince‘s” position of sub-servience to MUSLIMs and violent, radical Islamists:

Representative Dan Lungren (Ca-3) tried to ascertain from the regime’s Assistant Defense Secretary Paul Stockton, the source of threats to America and it’s troops.  This exchange–taken from “The Amateur” by Edward Klein–clearly shows the obama Regime‘s reluctance to ruffle any MUSLIM feathers:
Rep Lungren:  Secretary Stockman, are we at war with violent Islamist extremism?
Mr Stockton:  No sir.  We are at war with al Qaeda, its affiliates.
Rep Lungren:  Okay, I understand that.  My question is, is violent Islamist extremism at war with us?
Mr Stockton:  No sir.  We are being attacked by al Qaeda and its allies.
Rep Lungren:  Is al Qaeda–can it be described as being an exponent of violent Islamist extremism?
Mr Stockton:  They–al Qaeda are murderers with an ideological agenda.
Rep Lungren:  No, I–that’s not my question.  That wasn’t my question.  My question was, is al Qaeda acting out violent Islamist extremism?
Mr Stockton:  Al Qaeda is a violent organization dedicated to overthrowing the values that we intend to advance.
Rep Lungren:  So is it yes or no?
Mr Stockton:  Can I hear the question again?  I’ll make it as clear as I can.  We are not at war with Islam.  And that is not–
Rep Lungren:  I didn’t ask that–I did not ask that, sir.  I asked whether we’re at war with violent Islamist extremism.  That’s my question.
Mr Stockton:  No, we’re at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates.

    This brings us to the “green-on-blue” murders.  Yes, they’re murders; MURDERS by violent Islamist extremists, no matter how Secretary Stockton tries to spin it!  As illustrated by this PBS video, the year-to-year murders escalate while the obama Regime continues to sit on it’s hands; while “Clown Princeobama continues to ‘lead from behind!!’  Better-late-than-never, now is the time for an obama decision to support, protect and defend both American and NATO troops being murdered by these violent MUSLIMs!  Will we ever have one?!?  Not so long as “Clown Princeobama feels the necessity to suck-up to MUSLIMs, violent Islamist extremists world-wide!!  One can only conclude from the ‘Offal’ Office silence that the latest Newsweek cover story says it all: obama Has Got To Go!!  Now is the time for the biggest guns of the U.S. Navy to take aim at Fahar and Kandahar Provinces–locations of recent murdered allied forces–for their routine target practice exercises.  After leveling the southern parts of Afganistan, we can start an early pull-out of American troops to coincide with the United States’ withdrawal and defunding of the United Nations!!
Til Nex’Time….