‘pinky’ reid’s Wealth Investigated
    The “Nevada Nose-Pickerharry reid‘s wealth–and it’s astronomical rate-of-increase–was looked into by Ms Betsy Woodruff of National Review

The “Nevada Nose-Picker

As Ms Woodruff reported, the “Nose-Picker‘s” wealth in 1986–when he entered the Nevada legislature–was between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000.  Today’s estimate is a hell’a’va’lot closer to $10,000,000!!  I consider myself a somewhat-astute investor and I’d kill for returns like “pinky‘s!!”
    The “Nevada Nose-Picker‘s” reasoning? I did a very good job investing.”
As Ms Woodruff reports, most of the “Nevada Nose-Picker‘s” ‘investments’ are highly suspect!!  The average Nevada voter needs to look no further for reasons to vote this arschloch out-of-office!!
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