Eric Bolling: What A Guy!

    On the Wednesday Edition (08/15) of “The Five,” one of the features was the lady in Philadelphia who was donating her own time to conduct ‘food give-aways’ to benefit the poor kids in her neighborhood.  Most ALL of members of “The Five” thought the actions of the City of Philadelphia were deplorable!!  Said city–actually, the Chester Township zoning board–was subjecting the lady–a Ms Angela Prattis–to $600 PER DAY, fines for acting without a permit.  Not only that, Ms Prattis must also ‘fess-up’ up to $1,000 in ‘administrative fees‘ to obtain the necessary permitting.
Angela Pettis

    The all-around nice-guy that he is, Eric Bolling of “The Five” intends to donate said $1,000 from all the hosts, to Ms Pettis and on-air, asked the show’s floor directors and/or it’s producers to find an address where he could mail the check!!

Eric Bolling of “The Five”

   I gotta tell’ya…. It jis don’t get no better’n’at (better tha n th at-it’s the way I actually talk!)!!
Til Nex’Time….