Klein Reveals The REAL obama!!

    For me, Edward Klein‘s recent book “The Amateur,” barack obama in the White House, is a terrific read!!  The book verifies all the personal, professional and political NEGATIVE traits I’ve surmised the “Clown Prince” possesses.  The ‘reveals’ in the book start with the Introduction and the Prologue and–without skipping a beat–jump right into the numbered chapters with lots of ‘behind-the-scenesobama revelations.

    The prologue is BillSlick-WillieClinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussing–actually Slickranting AT Hillary–her opposing “Clown Princeobama in the 2012 presidential elections:

Hillary:  “I’m the highest-ranking member in obama‘s cabinet.  I eat breakfast with the guy every Thursday morning.  What about loyalty, Bill?  What about loyalty?”

“Slick:”  “Loyalty is a joke.  Loyalty doesn’t exist in politics.  There’s no such word in the political rulebook.  ….I’ve heard more from [President George W.] Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from obama.  I have no relationship with the president–none whatsoever.  obama doesn’t know how to be president.  He doesn’t know how the world works.  He’s incompetent.  He’s…. he’s…. barack obama is an amateur!”

The Amateur Edward Klein

      The Amateur is one of the few books I’ve read with almost ‘a quote in every sentence!’  To preclude my ‘re-publishing’ Mr Klein‘s book by quoting extensively from it, you’ll just have to buy your own copy!  I can almost guarantee, it’ll be worth every nickle!!

Til Nex’Time….