Today In Each Year Of President Reagan’s Two Terms
    Most U.S. Presidents start a diary in their first days as president.  There’ve only been five that continued making entries nearly every day of their presidencies: John Adams (2nd), John Quincy Adams (6th), James Polk (11th), Harry S Truman (33rd) and Ronald Reagan (40th).  In President Reagan‘s case, there’s not always an entry for each day; at times, several days are lumped together in a single entry.  Here’s August 13th (or the days surrounding) of each year of the Reagan Presidency:
1981 (August 6-22): Each day we rode in the A.M. then in the afternoon.  Barney, Dennis and I [Willard ‘Barney’ Barnett-A CHiP officer, confidant and volunteer ranchhand.  Dennis LeBlanc-A CHiP member of Governor Reagan‘s security detail; later the Reagan Ranch Manager] with vol. help from Dr. Ruge & our mil. aides cut up downed limbs & built brush piles for rainy season burning.  Ten days of this–our longest single stretch at  the ranch.  The S.S. agents have caps titled U.S.S.S. Mounted Patrol.  They have become enthusiastic horsemen.
    Met with Haig [Alexander, Sec’y of State] the afternoon of the 16th.  On the 17th  back to L.A. & the Century Plaza.  Every night was a dinner out–with old friends.  It was really enjoyable.  The days were rather busy.  Meetings– Cap [Caspar Weinberger, Sec’y of Defense], N.S.C., Charles Wick [USIA Director].  A pol. reception on the 17th.  More meetings on folowing days on Budget, with Sen. Tower [John, Texas] & Cong Dickinson [William, Alabama] on MX, the A.M.A. representatives, etc.  August 22nd back to the ranch.  We finally made a dream come true.  Bud Bredall made part of the barn into a tack room.  We now have a dozen saddles & they were being stacked on top of each other.  It turned out great.
1982 (Friday, August 13): George Shultz [Sec’y of State] came for a 1 hr. meeting on entire Middle East situation.  Then Congressional meetings and a press availability in press briefing room.  Finally off to Camp David.  Mike [Deaver, Deputy Chief of Staff], Lyn [Nofziger, presidential ass’t for political affairs]& Bonnie came along.  We had a movie, “Officer and a Gentleman.”  Good story spoiled by nudity, language & sex.
1983 (Friday, August 12):  Off to California by way of Tampa, El Paso, La Paz Mexico, New Orleans.  Made it all the way then back to wash.–3 days early.
1984 (Monday, August 13): We met all the U.S. [Olympic] medal winners & were made honorary members of the team.  Then I lunched with Bud [Robert McFarlane, National Security Advisor] & George S. [Shultz, Sec’y of State] & we looked at the Soviets from several directions.  I approved asking Gromyko to the W.H. if he comes as he usually does to N.Y. for the U.N. General Assembly opening.
1985 (August 11-17):  This was our long awaited ranch vacation.  We arrived there on Sunday, Aug. 11 to beautiful weataher.  In fact we had such weather (a little on the warm side our last week there) for the entire trip except for one day.  That one day was the delayed birthday party for Nancy-Sat. the 17th of Aug.
1986 (Wednesday, August 13):  Briefings and then meeting with President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado of Mexico, covered Nicaragua, drugs, and Mexico’s economic problems; met with Peter Ueberroth regarding cost of drug program; photo session with congressmen and guests, including Miss Teenage America [Lisa Morgan].
1987 (Friday, August 14): A foggy morning.  Barney, Dr. Hutton & I cleaned guns.  I have 14 rifles & almost as many handguns & they were all in need of oiling & cleaning.  Then the fog began lifing about lunch time & I decided to ride–which I did about 2 p.m.  Nancy decided against it because of the uncertain weather.  She was wrong–the clouds began to break & we soon had some sunshine on the ride.  Back to the house & some homework as usual.  Nancy got a heart break call–Joan Rivers‘ husband of 30 years or so committed suicide in a hotel in Phil.
1988 (Saturday, August 13):   [Radiocast.]  Got a phone call about 2 P.M. today–Admiral Zumwalt‘s [Elmo, full {4-star} admiral, youngest CNO] son died of cancer.  He was one of the Vietnam group that was exposed to Agnet Orange.  It’s believed this was the cause of his Cancer.  Tomorrow wee’re off for New Orleans & then Calif.
Til Nex’Time….