Is soetoro/obama Contraversy ‘Gaining Steam?’
    I have long held–both in conversation and on these pages–that ‘obama‘ originally came to the United States as Barry Soetoro–an Indonesian exchange student–to take full advantage of the benefits of said student status.  Barry Soetoro/obama (let’s refer to this fraud as BSo) was not the economically disadvantaged student, resident of Hawaii, that he’s been portraying, promoting since coming to the public venue.  His maternal grandmother–Madelyn Dunham, with whom he lived for most of his early years–was promoted to Vice President of the National Bank of Hawaii when BSo was 9 years old.  During this time, his maternal grandfather–Stanley Dunham–was a successful salesman in the furniture industry.  Both BSo‘s grandparents would be considered upper-middle class in today’s socio-economic structure.
    Wayne Allyn Rootas a BSo Columbia University classmate–has reopened the dialogue that BSo is not eligible for the office he now holds in this article, an interview with Sean Hannity.  Billionaire publisher Steve Forbes seems to hold the same view of BSo‘s duplicity and suggests that Governor Mitt Romney demand a ‘document dump’ with both men releasing twenty-years’ tax returns; twenty years’ educational transcripts–I suggest back to elementary school–as well as twenty years’ health records.
    What reason does anyone have in withholding vital information other than obfuscating a previous, current–and on-going–misrepresentation?!?  With said document dump, the public would finally learn exactly who–other than of course, The Bilderberg Group–is ruling the United States; who is re-distributing the national wealth; who is expanding the size and scope of the federal government.
‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex-Time….