Senatorial Worm Pulled Up Short!
    harrypinkyreidthe Senatorial worm from Nevada–is being held up as the despicable dirt-bag that he is by prominent republicRATs.

Pinky‘s” opinion of government ethics

From the likes of S.C. Senator Lindsay Grahamnesty:
“I’ve been around this town for a while–I actually like harry–but what he did on the floor of the Senate is so out of bounds.   I think he’s lying abouth his statement about know ing something about Romney’s [tax returns]….”
“I think he’s created an issue here.  I think he’s making things up at a time when the country’s just about to fall apart.”
“I just can’t let that pass.  I just cannot believe that the Majority Leader of the United States Senate would take to the floor twice, make accusations that are absolutely unfounded in my view, and, quite frankly, making things up to divert the campaign away from the real issues.”
From the likes of RNC Chair, Reince Priebus:
“I’m not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn’t filed a single page of tax returns himself.”
From the likes of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell:
“This is a reckless and slanderous charge by harry reid.  This is a guy who hasn’t released his own returns and for three years, can’t get a budget passed in the United States Senate.”
“People don’t care about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  They are [worried] about their own tax returns, and the taxes that are going to be increased under President barack obama, where nearly a million small business people are getting a whopping tax increase.  That’s the issue in this race.  DemocRATs are simply trying to change the subject from jobs and spending.”
“This is a more, change the situation, hide the ball, where they don’t want to focus on jobs and the economy, and spending and debt and deficits and energy because their record is so bad.  And, of course, they’re trying to change the subject to tax returns.”

Pinky,” concerned about three years of no budgets!

    I agree wholeheartedly with the statements by Senator Grahamnesty, Chairman Priebus and Governor McDonnell!!  I congratulate the Governor for ‘hitting the nail on the head,’  this is all about diverting the diversionaries!!
It’s all about diverting the public attention away from an inept, inexperienced president with only complete and utter failures onwhich to campaign.
It’s all about diverting the public attention away from  the “Fast’n’Furious” tragedy, the Justice Department’s complete lack of judicial and moral ethics and General holder‘s handling–well, lies and obfuscations–of each and every departmental horror show!
It’s all about diverting the public attention away from an entire cabinet and czardom that seems inhabited by children with one malady or another; bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, epileptic seizures or just plain ‘general’ mental illness!!
    As for tax returns, net worth… the lack of one, the accumulation of the other.
Let’s take the Nevada-nose-picker, “pinkyreid to start:
pinky” has a net worth of just under $10,000,000.
pinky“–much like a fellow slimy prick,Clown Princeobama–has never held a job that wasn’t funded by taxpayer money at one level or another.
Let’s look at just the federal level of “pinky‘s” taxpayer-funded paychecks:
1987, 88, 89-senator “pinkyearned was paid $89,500 per year, total: $268,500;
1990-senator “pinkyearned was paid $98,400;
*1991-senator “pinkyearned was paid $101,900 (mid-year pay raise to $125,100);
1992-senator “pinkyearned was paid $129,500;
1993, 94, 95, 96, 97-senator “pinkyearned was paid $133,600, total: $668,000;
1998, 99-senator “pinkyearned was paid $136,700, total: $273,400;
2000-senator “pinkyearned was paid $141,300;
2001-senator “pinkyearned was paid $145,100;
2002-senator “pinkyearned was paid $150,000;
2003-senator “pinkyearned was paid $154,700;
2004-senator “pinkyearned was paid $158,100;
2005-senator “pinkyearned was paid $162,100;
2006-senator “pinkyearned was paid $165,200;
**2007-senator “pinkyearned was paid $183,620;
**2008-senator “pinkyearned was paid $188,177;
2009, 10,11-senator “pinkyearned was paid $193,400, total: $580,200.
    harrypinkyreid conned his fellow senators into voting him the Senate Majority Leader, effective January 3, 2007.  Currently, the Majority Leader earns is paid $193,400.  I can find no charts that break out the leader’s pay for previous years.
[*-Due to the stated ‘mid-year pay raise,’ I averaged the two numbers for my calculations.]
[**-Because I could find no leader break out in pay for previous years, for these calculations, I added 11.15% to the standard senatorial compensation for those years so marked; the difference between the standard senator’s and the leader’s earnings pay.]

    According to my calculations, the senatorial worm from Nevada earned was paid $3,212,897 for continually screwing the American taxpayer ‘to-the-wall!’
Given that figure, how did said senatorial worm from Nevada amass a personal fortune over three times that amount?!?  That’s a 211.2456% increase over his reported earnings pay!!  Even though I was born at night, it wasn’t last night; either there’s some shady shit goin’ on, or the senatorial worm from Nevada has a really slick investment advisor….!!!
The senatorial worm from Nevada has made it abundantly evident, he’s not really into ‘government ethics!’
pinky….” now’d be a really good time to RELEASE THE LAST 10 YEARS OF YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!
Til Nex’Time….