Chick-fil-A Politically “Sucker Punched!”
    Since late 2009 I’ve held the belief that “Clown Princeobama is being controlled by outside forces.  Why would a guy who’s been enriched by all that America has to offer; why would a guy who ‘gamed’ the American post-secondary educational system; why would a guy who came from relative obscurity to hold the highest office in the entire world, conduct himself so as to destroy the American economy?!?  To that end, I’m sure the “Clown Prince” is being controlled by one-or-more organizations in the vein of “The Bilderberg Group.”
    The Chick-fil-A organization was singled out–not for COO Dan Cathy‘s remarks, but–as an alternative to the re-immaculation campaign’s being forced to defend the obama (lack of) accomplishments!  The ‘Cathy comments’ were nothing more than a convenient means-to-an-end.  The Bilderbergers just might have colluded with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; just might have colluded with Boston Mayor Tom Menino, to bring this self-generated controversy to the fore.  One has to admit:  It Worked!  Although the controversy is already losing steam, it will be seen as a short-lived ‘two-front’ war on conservatives, on the “Tea PartyMovement.  This has allowed the “Clown Prince” to side-step his dismal lack of POSITIVE accomplishments while not being forced to continue the pace of his vile, negative ads against Governor Romney!  Remember the old adage: 
Negative press is better than no press at all!!
SidebarThe Bilderbergers and the obama Regime could not have picked more unlikely victims than Chick-fil-A and the Cathy family!!  These folks, this organization…. have been involved in charitable activities, the betterment of both their employees and the various groups their restuarants serve, almost from the start of their success!!!
Til Nex’Time….