Senator Harry Reid Demonstrating He’s A ‘Slimy Prick!’
    obamacRATic Senate Majority Leader, Senator harrypinky‘ reid is deriding Mitt Romney over Mr Romney’s filing or not-filing his personal income taxes ‘for ten years:’
“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years!  Now, do I know that that’s true?  Well, I’m not certain,” the slimy senatorial prick told the Huffington Post.  “But obviously, he can’t release those tax returns.   How would it look?”

What ‘pinkyreid thinks of you and I!

Pinky-the-Prick‘s” information ALLEDGEDY came from an anonymous caller from Bain Capital to the Prick‘s senatorial office.  Why would he spew forth without verifiable evidence to support his latest prick-ism?!?
    I’ll tell’ya why I think he did it.  Cuz “Clown Princeobama has nothing else!! Cuz Governor Romney is so white-bread, squeaky-clean, The Bilderberg Group‘s hatchetmen can find nothing in his background with which to vilify the competition.  Always before, the “Clown Prince” has had–as I wrote about here–friends in high places‘ to release embarrassing information to suggest an opponent has negative creditability issues.  This time, with this candidate, it seems just not possible due to the Governor’s personal, professional ‘cleanliness!’

At least ‘pinky‘ ain’t pickin’ his ass!!

    ‘pinkyreid has used this anonymous caller method several times, none of which ever amounted to ‘a-pinch-a-shit!’  But strangely enough, the slimy senatorial prick’s office never receives anonymous calls about the underhanded deals with casino owners and operators that netted him millions-of-dollars; strangely enough, the slimy senatorial prick‘s office never receives anonymous calls about the slimy senatorial prick‘s crooked land deals with the Las Vegas branch of the Mafia which netted him tens-of-millions-of-dollars; not’a peep about those!!

    Were I Governor Romney, I’d not release any income tax records unless and until, “Clown Princeobama released his educational transcripts-high school through Harvard Law School, inclusive.  Don’cha just think a man’s education level and quality-of-achievement are more important than how much a man earned; how much a man paid in income taxes?!?
Til Nex’Time….