EIB Network Begins Twenty-Fourth Year

    Yesterday–August FirstRush Hudson Limbaugh III began his twenty-fourth year as the “Excellence in Broadcasting” Network’s original, primary and ONLY regular, full-time host of ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show!’  Dire predictions of his longevity have been pontificated upon since the show’s debut on August 1, 1988.

    Each time there’s been a change–or a pending change–in the Oval Office (Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush {41}, George W. Bush {43}); or in the Ovary Office (“Slick-WillieClinton) or in the Offal Office (“Clown Princeobama, as  choreographed by The Bilderberg Group) said pontificateurs have blathered:

What will Rush Limbaugh talk about now?!?” 

With (the outgoing president or the imminent defeat of the current ruler) gone, this will be the end of Rush Limbaugh!”

    With each passing year, the socio-fascist, marxist, communist, members of the left’s media, Senate and House of Representatives et al, have predicted Mr Limbaugh‘s downfall, to no avail.  At the start of the show’s national sindication, a ‘hand-full’ of stations were on-board; today the count is up to 612–and growing–radio stations carrying the program; the vast majority live (without ‘tape delay’).  As some kind of broadcasting record, ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show (or ‘Program,’ as it’s sometimes called) reaches over 20,000,000 listeners a week.

    Ever the provocateur, Rush has never shied away from any topic, be it President Bush‘s (41) overcoming (as conjured up by Newsweek) ‘The Wimp Factor,’ to “Slick-Willie” boinking Monica Lewinsky in the Ovary Office, to

‘the Armed Forces Radio (AFRTS, later AFN)’ controversy, to the ‘Michael J. Fox‘ controversy, to the ‘Barack, the Magic Negro‘ controversy, to the ‘Phony Soldiers‘ controversy, to the “I Hope He Fails (obama‘s policies)” controversy, and on, and on….

    I–personally–was a late-comer to the program; my then-wife–the ever infamous ‘Dragon Lady–had a half-hour commute to and from work, coming home during the midnight hour.  She caught the show on a late night re-broadcast and turned me on to him.  I’ve been a faithful listener since about 1989-’90.

    So…. in conclusion:  Don’t let’em git’cha down, Rush, keep the ‘good-word’ coming!!  Much congratulations; much continued success!!

Til Nex’Time….