Some “Possibles” I’m Watching

    While I pride myself in being somewhat of an advisor to the extended family’s investors, I have not had a record above .500!  There’s certainly been more losers than winners in our stable of stocks and mutual funds.  Normally, this doesn’t affect “the extended’s” investments; I ‘try them on for size‘ before recommending the successful stocks and funds, thus I ‘eat’ the vast majority of the ‘also-rans.’  While some in the family invest for price appreciation, ‘The Young Miss Lovely‘ and I invest for dividend yields; to that end, I’ve been watching a couple of issues:

Cellcom Israel Ltd (CEL)  We’ve owned the company previously for several years.  I don’t recall the purchase or sale prices, nor the dividend yield.  I just remember that we “made a ton’a money on it!”  We’d still own the issue were it not for a delinquent child’s credit card balance.  At today’s (7/26) market close CEL was up 9 cents (1.71%) to $5.35/share, just off it’s 52-week low of $4.35/share.  Also in the past 52 weeks CEL has risen to $26.87/share.  The current dividend is .34/quarter (annual: $1.36/share); annual yield of 25.42%.  While the company can reduce the dividend cash amount, or eliminate the dividend altogether, I’m confident that CEL dividend will remain stable so long as the Israeli-Iranian political turmoil doesn’t ramp up from it’s current levels.

Alumina, LTD (AWC):  We’ve not owned this issue previously, we’re just watching it.  At today’s close AWC was up $0.12 (4.46%) to $2.81/share, just off it’s 52-week low of $2.65/share.  AWC‘s 52-week high is $9.84/share.  The stock has a semi-annual dividend of $0.12 resulting in a annual dividend yield of 8.54%.  As with any issue, AWC could ‘fiddle’ with it’s dividend and thus alter the yield.

    Remember the individual investor is responsible for his or her own due diligence.  There are many sources–online, in print and business tv–for investing and investment information.   Some I use:

Til Nex’Time….