A Patriotic Response To The “Clown Prince;” 06/30/2012
‘Airborne’ barackingham Palace,
Colorado Springs, Co.
June 30, 2012
    I’m here in Colorado Springs, visiting some of the devastating fires that have been taking place over the last several days. As many of you have been watching on television, entire communities are under threat. And we had a chance to tour some of the devastation that has been taking place in some of the subdivisions here.  Firefighters are working 18 hours a day, around the clock, trying to make sure that they get this blaze under control. We’ve got volunteers who are out here who are making sure that these firefighters have the food and the water and all the resources that they need. And we’ve been engaging in some unprecedented coordination between federal, state, and local communities to try to bring this fire under control.  And one of the things I’ve done here, in addition to saying thank you to these firefighters, is to let them know that all of America has their back. One of the things that happens, whether it’s a fire here in Colorado, or a tornado in Alabama or Missouri, or a flood or a hurricane in Florida, one of the things that happens here in America is when we see our fellow citizens in trouble and having difficulty, we come together as one American family, as one community. And you see that spirit and you see that strength here in Colorado Springs, where people are working together, promising each other to rebuild. We’ve got to make sure that we are there with them every step of the way, even after this fire is put out.
[What I’m not telling you: While the professional–and volunteer–firefighters continue to battle this and other fires in the upper midwest, the airborne assets they so sorely need have been  cut by–guess who–ME!!  In my usual, ongoing attempts to be everything to everybody, I PRETENDED to cut the defense budget in hopes of getting just one budget passed by the Congress before Governor Romney takes over as President.  Said pretense is the defense budget continues to grow; as usual I LIED about that.  I only reduced the rate of growth, calling it an actual monetary reduction. 
    OK, enough about me–like that’s a reality–more about those ‘airborne assets.’  The Air Force C-130 Hercules was put into service in the Springtime of 1959 and since has been one of that branch’s workhorses; nationwide, worldwide, DoD wide, in war and in peace!!  Of the 2,300++ manufactured, the Air Force–at the turn of the century–had approximately 400 in their inventory.  The Mobile Airborne FireFighting System (MAFFS) is a mobile accessory unit aboard C-130s for firefighting responsibilities of air-delivery of fire retardants over fires.
    In an effort to placate the ‘doves’ in the owe-bamacRATic party, I’ve reduced the total number of C-130s in the inventory as well as the number of MAFFS units.  Considering this information–with only four (4) MAFFS-equipped C-130s available–quite likely I can be held directly responsible for the failure of the Regime to effectively respond to the wild fires, nationwide.  
    Colorado is important to the Regime’s re-immaculation efforts, we continue to respond to their wild fires with our self-limited airborne resources.  Coloradans are fortunate that I need them for any hopes of retaining this plush job.  If you recall, the Texas Governor pissed me off, in late 2010 and early 2011, hence we ‘dragged our feet’ in responding to their widespread prairie fires.  We sat in barackingham Palace watching it all unfold on tv, conveniently withholding federal monetary and asset assistance.] 
    So for those of you who can provide some help, you should get on the online site of the American Red Cross. They’re very active in this community and you can make your contributions there. We’re going to continue to make sure that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Forest Service, our military and National Guard and all the resources that we have available at the federal level are brought to bear in fighting this fire.
But this is a good reminder of what makes us Americans. We don’t just look out for ourselves; we look out for each other. And one of the things that I told these firefighters is that we can provide them all the resources they need, but only they provide the courage and the discipline to be able to actually fight these fires. And it’s important that we appreciate what they do not just when our own communities are struck by disaster. It’s important that we remember what they do each and every single day, and that we continue to provide support to our first responders, our emergency management folks, our firefighters, our military — everybody who helps secure our liberty and our security each and every day.  So, America, I hope you guys remember the folks during these times of need. I know this is a little bit unusual — we don’t usually do weekly addresses like this, but I thought it was a good opportunity for us to actually focus attention on a problem that’s going on here in Colorado Springs. We never know when it might be our community that’s threatened, and it’s important that we’re there for them.
[What I’m not telling you:  Just to check if you’re actually reading this edition of my weekly blather, I stuck in that phrase;
And one of the things I told these firefighters is that we can provide them all the resources they need,….”
Did you catch the lie?!?  They certainly need a hell-of-alot-more airborne assets than the Air Force–or even private-sector contractors–are able to provide, AT ANY PRICE!!  
    Rather than doing the ‘Weekly Blather’ from barackingham Palace, I needed the exposure of exploiting the devistating conditions here in Colorado.  This is an act of despiration by the re-immaculation campaign.  Earlier this week, the Supreme Court took a major campaign topic ‘off the table!’  We need this exposure to prop up my image as really caring about the plight of Coloradans, of the American people at large.]