obama RAPES All Americans!!
    Yesterday “The Supremes” released their ruling on owe-bamaKare.  Rather than striking down the ‘mandate’ provision, “The Supremes” deemed that the ‘mandate’ provision is a tax and therefore constitutional because the Congress has the legal and legitimate power to levy taxes.  This new tax IS THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE on the planet; on any peoples; of any economic strata; in any era!!

    Chief Justice John Robertslong characterized as a moderate, if not conservative in his legal and political thinking–threw a monkey-wrench in the works when he sided with the communists in declaring the constitutionality of the obama Tax Law.  The 5 to 4 vote certainly didn’t give the new tax law wide-ranging support, but…. hey, it only takes one to win!  What many may not realize that while “The Supremes” defended the Constitution’s Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3),  they’ve opened a whole new ‘can-of-worms’ in declaring that the mandate is actually a tax.
    Had the mandate been determined to fall under the Commerce Clause, it would have been ruled unconstitutional as an interference in the several states’ right to determine their various intrastate commerce actions.  Now that the mandate has been determined to be a tax, a dangerous precedent has been set; a ‘slippery-slope’ if you will.

    The most visible, broad-based national tax is the Revenue Act of 1913.  In part, the proposed legislation required an amendment to the Constitution (the 16th Amendment) for the income tax to become law. In upholding the owe-bamaKare Tax Law, “The Supremes” set the precedent that any tax can be instituted at any time, for any reason, on any subject, WITHOUT another Constitutional Amendment, like:
As of June 28, 2012, with the implementation of the obama Tax Law,

1. Every household having less than the maximum number of solar panels installed on their property, a 15% obama solar tax will be assessed on all household income, or

2. Every household must have a energy-producing windmill installed on their property or a 15% obama wind tax will be assessed on all household income, or
3. Every household that cannot prove ownership of at least one Chevy Volt will have a 15% obama Motors tax assessed on all household income, or
4. Every household containing more than the national average of 2.2 children, will have a 15% obama excess population tax assessed on all household income, et al.

    One might presume–in Item #4–that a family would not be forced to kill their excess children under the obama Tax Law, although “Clown Princeobama does admire and appreciate China’s policies relating to their population.

    One must consider all the ramifications of the constitutionality of the obama Tax Law.

1.  The obama Tax Law is all about wealth re-distribution; very little about actual health care.
2.  The unemployment rate will necessarily soar far above the current 11+%.
3.  The GDP will diminish as company expenses rise with the various taxes and penalties associated with the obama Tax Law are instituted.
4.  With ‘The Fed’ printing money as fast as the presses allow, the country most probably will descend into the obama Depression, much deeper, much longer than the Roosevelt Depression of the 1930s and ’40s.

Yes Joe (biden) I agree:  This is a big fuckin’ deal!!”
‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!
Til Nex’Time….