From President Ronald Reagan’s Diaries

Today (June 28) in each year of President Reagan‘s second term:


Friday, June 28:

    Yesterday we lost in the Judiciary Committee.  Brad Reynolds nomination (by me) to be the No. 3 man at Justice was rejected.  They even refused to pass it out to the floor with a no pass recommendation because of their fear the whole Sen. would do what they were unwilling to do–approve him. & they couldn’t have done what the did without the help of 2 Repubs. Sens. Spector and Mathias.  Well there are 2 Sens. I won’t have to help campaign.

    [Flew to Chicago; visited school with local officials; met families of hostages and of kidnap victim; speech on tax reform; returned to Washington; National Security Planning Group (NSPG) meeting; received indications that hostages might be moved to Damascus the following day; noted, “We also launched a plan to strike by air a guerilla base connected with the muderers of our 4 Marines.”]


Thursday, June 26-Monday, June 30:

    For the 1st time this year the weather was beautiful each and every day.  We rode every morning, then Barney [Willard Barnett, fmr CHP; close friend, confidant and ‘ranch hand’], Dennis [LeBlanc; fmr CHP; part of Governor Reagan’s security detail and ‘ranch hand’] and I cut up some downed trees.  On Sun. we learned of Sen. East’s suicide–a sad time for all of us.  Now it is Mon. night and we are back at the White House.


Sunday, June 28:

[Returned to W.H.; attended televised performance honoring Cole Porter and starring June Allyson, Patti Austin, Kaye Ballard, and Mel Torme’; telephoned Wasserman, surgery went well; received word that Paul Nitze’s wife died.]1988

Tuesday, June 28:

[Staff meeting on pending legislation; approved appointments.]

    NSC–I brought up the matter of Holocaust Museum.  It seems someone has approved a room dedicated to 1915 massacre of some Armenians by the Turks.  I’m against it but don’t know what we can do.  Latest intelligence has 10 more divisions on the border in N. Korea than we had estimated.  They’re playing games that may threaten the Olympics in S. Korea.  We have the Soviets pledge they won’t let anything like that happen. [….] a bomb plot in Panama City–an apartment bldg. housing about 40 of our mil. officers.  They’ve been moved out and on to the base.

    Met with our Sen. and Cong. leadership–Dole and Simpson, Bob Michel and Trent Lott.  A discussion of pending bills and the pol. games the Dems. are playing trying to get campaign issues.  Then a meeting with Meese and Carlucci regarding the investigation of the Pentagon.  Nothing much yet to report.

[Interviewed by biographer Edmund Morris; meeting with Israeli defense minister Yitzhak Rabin; went to dentist for teeth cleaning; received report on Conference for a Drug Free America; photos with GOP candidates; received allergy show and, as noted, “a little doctoring of my hearing aid.”]

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