From President Ronald Reagan’s Diaries

    Today (June 27) in each year of President Reagan‘s first term:


Wednesday, June 24-Monday June 29:

[Addressed National Jaycees Convention in San Antonio; Flew to L.A. and Century Plaza Hotel; made calls necessary before the following day’s congressional vote on budget.]

    There I was in Calif. and never left the hotel room except for a speech next day (noon) in the hotel dining room.  Just before going down learned we had won the 1st big vote.  It meant some quick changes in the speech.  Back to the room for an afternoon on the phone.  We won the next two votes and the victory was ours.

    Finally Fri. about 11 A.M. got out of the hotel and on to the ranch.  The weather was beautiful and so was Rancho del Cielo.  Patti [daughter, Davis {changed fr Reagan}] arrived Sat. morning.  We all rode in the A.M.  After lunch Geo. and Barbara Bush came up to brief me on European trip on their way to the Marcos’ Inaugural in Manilla.

[Relaxed  at the ranch, Monday, June 29: flew to Denver to address convention of the NAACP.  Returned to Washington.]


Saturday, June 26-Sunday, June 27:

    Good weather–2 morning rides.  Ed M.[Meese, Att’y General], Jim B.[Baker III, Chief of Staff to the President], and Bill C. [Casey, Dir., Central Intelligence] helicoptered up with Mr and Mrs. George Shultz who had just arrived by Concorde from London.  We had a good working lunch.  I think things are going to work out find  Al [Haig, resigning Sec’y of State] will stay on for the transition.

    Sun. before leaving C. D. Bill and Bud McFarland called.  The Israeli cabinet has submitted a new idea.  Calls for a Lebanese army to disarm the P.L.O. in Beirut.  All of the armed P.L.O. will then be sent out of Lebanon to Syria.  The odd note was the Israeli call then for the U.S. to join in the negotiations with the P.L.O.  Heretofore, we have refused to do any talking to the P.L.O. until and unless they agreed to recognize Israel’s right to exit [exist?], which they’ve never done.  We’re having about 30 people in for dinner at the W.H. and then running Spielberg’s movie, “E.T.”


Monday, June 27:

    Nancy left this A.M. for Phoenix.  I won’t see her unitl Wed. night–or is it Thurs. night–I’ll have to check.  Anyway I still don’t like this place without her.

    Met with Cardinal Krol who has returned from being with the Pope in Poland.  He believes there may well be some easing.  I believe also that Walesa may not be as much of a force as he once was.

[Photo session; issues lunch; videotapings; rehearsal for press conference.]


Wednesday, June 27:

    Staff and NSC meetings.  Jesse Jackson off on his own diplomatic mission to Cuba, Nicaragua and other points Sout has tried to reach me by phone.  That is a call I’m not taking.  We have put Under Sec. of State Armacost on the phone at this end. J.J. has us on some pretty thin ice with his adventuring.  Commander Eric Liu (W.H. Staff Dr.), his wife and baby boy came by for a pic.  He’s being assigned to Bethesda Naval hosp.  He’s a good man.

    Met with 3 Gov’s. from Midwest on farm problems.  Between Tornadoes and Floods. agriculture is having a rough time.  But worse than nature is what reduced inflation has done.  Land prices when out of sight during the high inflation of the 70’s and 1980.  farmers borrowed using their land as collateral.  Now that sanity has returned to the market they are faced with big credit problems. 

    After lunch Geo. S. [Shultz-Sec’y of State] came in to report on our Ambassador to Central America and his meeting in Nicaragua.

[Addressed Conference on U.S./Soviet exchange; also National Association of Minority Contractors; meeting with Eureka boosters on college’s financial problems.]

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