Who Will The “Clown Prince” Pimp-Out Next?!?

    Now that “Clown Princeowe-bama has pimped out your wife; pimped out your husband


in his effort to boost the “I Need 4 More Years To Fix What I Broke” campaign coffers with your wedding gifts’ values, what will he do next?!?

    A couple of possibilities are:

1.  Pimp-out “Michelle Antoinette” for a donation of…. say $50, to ‘entertain’ at your bachelor party or your office party, or

2.  Pimp-out the daughters for a donation of…. say $75-EACH, to appear at your child’s birthday party.

Ah’m jis sayin’!!

‘Splain to me again why YOU elected this Verdammte Arschloch!?!

Til Nex’Time….