SEIU To Support owe-bama In 8 States
    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will concentrate their owe-bama re-immaculation efforts in the key states of Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.  The union expects to spend the same $85 Million in membership dues they did during the 2008 campaign.  They will field 100,000 volunteers as well as 750 paid campaign workers, knocking on three million doors and making thirteen million phone calls.
    You may recall during the 2008 campaign the union’s “Purple People BEATERS” waged intimidation, mayhem, assualts and thuggery at various polling places.  Their negro cohorts, the New Black Panthers, were involved in the same ‘activities’ in support of the same candidate.
    If I might be so bold as to make some suggestions:
1.  The “Tea PartyMovement members in the aforementioned states should organize ‘watchers’ at as many polling places as they can, staffed by as many ‘souls’ as practical.
2.  Said poll watchers should be equipped with riot helmets and bullet-resistant vests (flack-jackets) for their own protection, safety–just kiddin‘!! Although it’d make a hel’u’va statement.
3.  Said poll ‘watcher’ organizers should consult the URLs below for any help, inspiration that can be gleaned.
4.  The “Tea PartyMovement membership in the aforementioned states should emulate the legal, non-violent efforts of “The Purple People BEATERS.”
Til Nex’Time….