A Patriotic Response To The “Clown Prince;” 06/16/2012
barackingham Palace,
District of Corruption
June 16, 2012
    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about America’s economic future. I’ve told you how I believe we should go about creating strong, sustained growth; how we should pay down our long-term debt in a balanced way; and most of all, what we should do right now to create good, middle-class jobs, so people who work hard can get ahead.  This isn’t some abstract debate or trivial argument. I’ve said that this is the defining issue of our time, and I mean it. I’ve said that this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class, and I believe it. The decisions we make over the next few years will have an enormous impact on the country we live in, and the one we pass on to our children.  Right now, we’re still fighting our way back from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The economy is growing again, but it’s not growing fast enough. Our businesses have created 4.3 million new jobs over the last 27 months, but we’re not creating them fast enough. And we’re facing some pretty serious headwinds – from the effects of the recent spike in gas prices, to the financial crisis in Europe.  But here’s the thing. We have the answers to these problems. We have plenty of big ideas and technical solutions from both sides of the aisle. That’s not what’s holding us back. What’s holding us back is a stalemate in Washington.
[What I’m not telling you: A solution to America’s economic problems–quite possibly the only solution–is to rid the current regime of influential outside forces.  As I saw it–early on in my political career–the most expetitious route around my inexperience and ineptness was to align myself with those individuals or groups with political expertise.  While still a community agitator in Chicago, I chose the Bilderberg Group as well as George Soros as my mentors, my expeditors into the world of political socialism, fascism.  Until they put me into the American presidency, I failed to realize that their “suggestions” were far more than that; there would be no room for my wants, desires or wishes.  The Bilderberger and Soros influences aren’t going to go away until I’m no longer the “King of America!”
    Enough of my perpetual whining!  On the plus side, how ’bout my circumvention of the Congress with my executive order stopping the extradition of illegal aliens?!?  The owe-bama Regime has now instituted a “catch-and-release” program for humans; a program that previously only existed in trophy fishing contests.  With my current (U-3) unemployment rate of 8.2%; a real (U-6) unemployment rate of 14.8%, (up 0.3% from the previous two months) my executive order potentially adds another 800,000 to the unemployment rolls!!  What a coup!!  That’ll show that dam’ed ‘do-nothing’ Congress!!  Not only will this order make American CITIZENS’ job searches that much more difficult, the inclusion of the addition of said 800,000 souls to the unemployment rolls will further strain the states’ unemployment insurance funds.  This is a double-win for myself, Soros as well as the Bilderbergers, meaning further dependence on federal assistance; increasing the dependency-class in America!!]
   Last September, I sent Congress a jobs bill full of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that could have put over a million Americans back to work and helped bolster our economy against outside shocks. I sent them a plan that would have reduced our deficit by $4 trillion in a balanced way that pays for the investments we need by cutting unnecessary spending and asking the wealthiest Americans to pay a little bit more in taxes. Since then, Congress has passed a few parts of that jobs bill, like a tax cut that’s allowing working Americans to keep more of your paycheck every week. But on most of the ideas that would create jobs and grow our economy, Republicans in Congress haven’t lifted a finger. They’d rather wait until after the election in November. Just this past week, one of them said, “Why not wait for the reinforcements?” That’s a quote. And you can bet plenty of his colleagues are thinking the same thing.  I think that’s wrong. This isn’t about who wins or loses in Washington. This is about your jobs, your paychecks, your children’s future. There’s no excuse for Congress to stand by and do nothing while so many families are struggling. None. 
    Right now, Congress should pass a bill to help states put thousands of teachers, firefighters and police officers back on the job. They should have passed a bill a long time ago to put thousands of construction workers back to work rebuilding our roads and bridges and runways. And instead of just talking about job creators, they should give small-business owners a tax break for hiring more workers and paying them higher wages.
    Right now, Congress should give every responsible homeowner the opportunity to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage. They should extend tax credits for clean energy manufacturers so we don’t walk away from 40,000 good jobs. And instead of giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas, Congress should take that money and use it to cover moving expenses for companies that are bringing jobs back to America. There’s no reason to wait.
    Every problem we face is within our power to solve. What’s lacking is our politics. Remind your Members of Congress why you sent them to Washington in the first place. Tell them to stop worrying about the next election and start worrying about the next generation. I’m ready to work with anyone – Republican, Democrat, or Independent – who is serious about moving this country forward. And I hope Members of Congress will join me.
[What I’m not telling you: Most of the proposals I’ve sent to the Congress make their way through the republicRATically controlled House of Representatives, but are stalled–or rejected, outright–by the Senate Majority Leader–that little piss ant–“pinky” reid!!  The incompetent national pamphleteers would have you–the voting public–believe that the entire Congress (read: republicRATics) is at fault; NOT SO!!
    The socio-fascist definition of ‘reducing the deficit in a balanced way‘ is little more than continued unsustainable spending levels while finding someone else, something new, to tax; some other international source of borrowing!!  Nothing will change with my proposals, other than an further entrenched socio-fascist regime, mindset with an evergrowing dependency-class!
    There are few unemployed teachers, policemen and firefighters; putting them back to work is a ‘buzz-phrase’ to guilt the voter into supporting the individual, party that will return these fictitious unemployeds to work.  If they are indeed unemployed, why put them back to work?!?  They quite possibly might be preditory teachers or injured, disabled police- and firemen.  Remember the aforementioned are PUBLIC SECTOR employees and as such, have yet to create the first job!  They take from the pool of public monies that can be put to better use elsewhere.  Also the public–the TAXPAYER–would bode well to remember:  one of the stated purposes of the $787 Billion PORKulus bill was to repair, replace various pieces of the infrastructure.  Instead, large portions went to reward the service and labor unions for their support; to reward the various–and large numbers of–supporters, donors, bundlers, fundraising hosts, campaign staff and management.
    True, small businesses do create the vast majority of jobs in America.  But, who creates those small businesses who create the jobs?!?  Those wealthy taxpayers I want to tax out of existance!!  Without the one-percenters, who will fund–invest in–the “Bain Capitals” of the world who then finance the creation, the growth and expansion of those small businesses who create the vast majority of jobs in America?!?
    Why are we–the Bilderbergers, Soros, et al–still on those ill-fated green-energy sector jobs?  there are nearly two-dozen examples of this regime’s support to the tune of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars only to have the supported companies file for bankruptcy shortly thereafter!!  There is no area of the entire green-energy sector that is self-sufficient without federal funds, without federal bribes to force the purchase of available green products, i.e., electric cars!!
    The federal government does not belong in “the company-buying business!”  Take the auto industry bailout for instance:  Ford Motor Company emphatically refused to take bailout funds and were severely chastised for doing so!  The federal government bailed out General–read: GOVERNMENT–Motors and Chrysler Corporation.  The vast majority of line workers were laid off as management had threatened, pre-bailout.  The rehires were nearly ALL union employees, few non-union workers ever found employment in the auto industry again.  The ‘preferred stock’ owners; the bond holders should have–BY LAW–been repaid in their entirety.  The bond-holders received less than 10-cents-on-the-dollar.  We just ignore(d) the laws we don’t like; laws that don’t work in our favor!!  The United Auto Workers were given a 37% stake in the stock of the New General Motors; bailout funds have never been repaid in their entirety!!  As one condition of said bailout, GM was to fast-track R & D and production of the all-electric Chevy Volt, even though research revealed there wasn’t the market to support a large scale model run.  It was done anyway, at the order of the regime!!
    One sector of the voters’ federal employees have already gotten the message, that of the “Tea PartyMovement‘s virtual takeover of the House of Representatives.  Said elected officials are reminded of the powers that put them in office and the reason they were put in office; to return at least half of the Congress to “the people!!”]