Not Everyone Takes A….
    ….day off from a vacation, but the “Young Miss Lovely” and I are, today.  Lots of progress made but lots of errands to run so we’ll return to the ‘stay-cation’ tomorrow: painting and masonry work.  As part of the ‘errands,’ we’re gonna treat ourselves to a visit to our favorite pizza joint: Krony’s in Hamlin, NY.  It’s a 25-30 mile ride from the Rochester area, but well worth the trip, well worth the expense!! 
    We did make a decision about the house and our intense return to maintenance and upkeep:  We’re going to have those ‘glass-block windows’ installed to replace all the standard windows in the basement.  That’ll be alot of work off my shoulders.  I can concentrate on other areas, landscaping, painting, etc.
Til Nex’Time….