President (43), Mrs Bush’s Portraits Unveiled

    Late last week, President George W. Bush‘s official White House portait was unveiled amid his familiar humor:
“Thank you so much for inviting all my rowdy friends to my hanging.”
“(To the invited guests:) Behave yourselves!”
It (the White House official portrait collection) now starts and ends with a George W.'”
“(To Clown Prince owe-bama🙂 As you wander the halls, wrestling with tough decisions, you could always gaze at this portrait and ask, ‘What would George do?‘”
    Until Ann Romney assumes the position as the nation’s “First Lady,” Laura Welch Bush will remain my first choice of ‘Nicest, most regal first lady, EVER!’
Mrs Bush‘s portrait was unveiled during the same ceremony.  Just ‘tween you-and-me, this portrait certainly doesn’t look much like Mrs Bush‘s photos:

Mrs Bush thanked the White House staff that made her family’s stay in ‘the nation’s house’ a pleasant one. 

    Not long after the Bush ‘Hanging,’ “Clown Princeowe-bama and “Michelle Antoinetteowe-bama submitted their photos as references in painting portraits for their upcoming hanging…. NO!!  I mean in the barackingham Palace owe-bama wing‘ of the portrait gallery:

Until Nex’Time….