Now It’s Thruway Tolls On Heavy Trucks!

    Earlier today we talked about how the (less-than-great) State of New York is on a path to screw the trucker to the proverbial wall:

Now, the (less-than-great) New York Senate is proposing to further screw the truck driver by raising the thruway tolls by a whoopin’ 45% on heavy trucks (those with three axles or more).  What most non-truckers don’t know: the trucking industry is already being screwed by the New York State Thruway Aughority!  There are essentially two common sizes of trailers; 48 feet and 53 feet.  Those using the 48 foot trailer pay the standard heavy truck rate.  Those using 53 foot trailers PAY DOUBLE; they get two toll tickets upon entry onto the thruway!!  Does that make sense?!?  Double the charge for an extra 5 feet, even though the maximum gross weight of both vehicles is exactly the same: 80,000 pounds.

    The net affect of this toll increase will be to force the heavy trucks onto the east-west ‘skinny roads:’ NY-5, NY-104, US-20, I-86/NY-17, etc, which–so far–the state has not erected toll booths on.  As was discovered by the State of Ohio earlier this century; not only is the truck driving community a thrifty one, they have some of the hardest heads on the planet!!  When Ohio raised the tolls on I-80, a large percentage of trucks chose to run the ‘skinny roads,’ to the point that the Ohio tolling authority made concessions to the transportation industry.

   Some of we New Yorkers (in my case, a TEMPORARY New Yorker) may not realize that New York’s state senators don’t give “two-hoots-in-hell” about your financial circumstances, your struggles to make-ends-meet!!  All these increases–be they toll, taxes, regulations–will be reflected in your cash register tab at the Walmart, the Wegman’s, the RiteAid, etc.  The retailer has no choice but to add these additional increases to the sales prices of every thing in the store.  Do you think this hits the state senator, the state assemblyman as hard as it will hit you?!?

Why don’cha make a call and express your support or lack thereof for this proposal?!?

Til Nex’Time….