Fair Competition Benefits The Consumer

    As with owe-bamaKare, the federal government should not be in the “student-loan” business, either!  Both situations could well benefit the general public; the taxpayers, if the federal government just bowed out of any area where the private sector could do a better job.  And that would be every budget item excepting the Department of Defense!

    Why do you think there is more than Walmart; more than Home Depot?!?  For competition, of course!!  Without the “Target Stores” of the world; without the “Lowes Companies” and the “Menards”  of the world, you–my friends–would be forced to pay ANYTHING Walmart or Home Depot wanted to charge you.  The aforementioned programs–as with many others–could be bettered with competition. 

For instanceowe-bamaKare is found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  So it goes away and the federal government is no longer in the healthcare, health insurance businesses.  The health insurance companies return to their previous levels of sales-of-coverage.  AND, a new federal law requires states to allow any-and-all vetted and approved health insurance programs to be marketed in their states.  With competition, health insurance premiums become fairer, relative to the benefits purchased.

For instance:  the federal government is forced out of the “student-loan” business as a cost-cutting measure.  The banks, credit unions, various investment avenues are now allowed to issue student-loans.  With One-Trillion-Dollars in student-loans currently outstanding, this is clearly a huge segment of the loan, funding industries!  Again, with competition comes reduced ‘prices!’

Til Nex’Time….